New symptoms

Hello all,

First post, I’ll try not to moan too much (it’s not really me).

My symptoms were mostly fatigue based, after dx in 2006, with some left leg weakness/reduced sensation.

But this last 18 months, I’ve started having bladder problems, which for me meant waking up 8+ times a night to wee, despite going normally all day and stopping drinking liquids at 6pm. Started amitryptiline (sp?) for that a few weeks ago though and only waking 2-3 times now with longer sleep in between :slight_smile:

What’s concerning me now though, is the muscle contractions that I’ve been experiencing. It’ll be in the back of one leg for a couple of days, intermittently, then maybe lower back, or my foot will kick out more over a day or two. My toes on my right leg are dancing, twitching and generally annoying me, as are my eyes or at least that’s how it feels.

Does this bother anyone else? Is there any treatment?

Hi, sounds like maybe your MS is moving on or perhaps you`re having a relapse.

Utis seem to be flavour of the month on here lately!

There are meds for spasms and I take baclofen for them. The dosage can take some working out, as most folk will tell you.

If you have an MS nurse, why not ring her and tell you about the way you are now.

The amount of times you have to get up in the night, is horrendous.

Hope you can find some respite from them.

luv Pollx

It wasn’t an UTI, that was the thing. And I was so stubborn, didn’t go to the docs for months because I know that any treatment I start now is something for the rest of my life.

I need to call her really, it’s just the being 29 and not wanting to admit defeat thing. I don’t like the thoughts of meds forever. I had baclofen for muscle stiffness a couple of years ago, could barely get around it made me so drowsy. Might be the lesser of 2 evils if these spasms carry on though. xx

When I was having bladder problems (although for me 2 -3 times a night constituted a problem) I was refered to the urology service. After medication I now only get up once and can go about 3 hours between pees during the day. Amytrip. seems to be diagnosed for all sorts of things neurological but this is the first time I’ve seen it mentioned for bladder control.

Poll is right – there are medications for spasms. How often do you see the neuro? If you are a long way off an appointment the MS nurse is your first port of call. She will be able to suggest if you need to be seen or if your GP can prescribe.