Couldn't get on here......

The site would not open, there was a message saying sorry though.

Still I’m here now.



If it was it certainly wasn’t a scheduled update - we would have told you.

Might well have been a blip at our web hosts - apologies if it inconvenienced anyone. We’ll look into it.

Greg [admin]

I was the same earlier. Seems to be ok now though ;o)

Might just have been a behind the scenes update to the website/server/other as a whole. They usally have to take websites offline to do this.

Its great to have you back Hazel xx

Hi Mark

I was going to e-mail you because I’ve not had many bad jokes of late…lol.



I’ve have a few gathered up I just haven’tn the chance to get round to emailing them to you when I get settled I’ll forward them on to you and you can take your pick lol

Mark xx

Yes you did, didn’t you…you swine…lol.