lovely sunny morning

thanks for your support yesterday, going to reclaim my garden today,and have joined gardeners world on line,the garden is about 8 ft square and looks like the lost gardens of heligan before they found them-so 5 minutes of snipping a day should get it back on track for the summer-thought i may grow some raspberries and some veggies. going to start practicing the piano later , poor thing its been sat quietly in the corner for far to long- have a great day all-

No panic attacks so far and ive been awake for a whole hr!!

what are you all up to today

BC xx

going to book a holiday to amsterdam just coz i feel like xxxx

fantastic- !!

Like the words of (your’s) - “back on track for the summer”


What a wonderful post! You sound so positive today-am glad

Still sat here in goonie but have been in touch with friend who was in 2 car accidents yest-she and kids are all ok. We will meet up soon to hug!

Found a candle that forgot I had so just lit that-spiced apple.

Was in bed poorly from Thu til yest so taking it easy today but must go for a shower now…

Continue to have a fab day!

Ellie x

I’m glad it’s sunny there - wherever “there” is.

It’s so dank and miserable here (Bristol) this morning, I feel ten times worse. I’m sure it must be psychological. Or is it? Every time we return to this grey weather, I start feeling worse again.

Improvement is forecast later, so I’m hoping it will buck up in time for my lunchtime walk. I find it hard to get motivated enough as it is. If it’s not a bit nicer than this, there will be no incentive at all to go out.

I had to bring my patio pots indoors, to protect the tender shoots from the recent hard frosts. With the result that they’ve all sprung on enormously!

I planted some anemone bulbs I’ve had for years (Are they bulbs or corms? Dunno - strange wizened things) - I thought they were probably long since dead, and none would come up. But no way of telling, so decided to plant them anyway.

To my great surprise, ALL have sprouted, which means the tub’s going to be a lot more overcrowded than I’d imagined.

I’ve been considering investing in a vegetable trough, so the veg can be harvested from approximately waist height, and I wouldn’t have to stoop down.

I’ve never tried growing veg before, so I thought a trough might be a more manageable way to start. There’s only me in the house, so I wouldn’t want to grow vast quantities anyway, otherwise it’s wasteful.

But this is all castles in Spain, as usual. For the moment, I am supposed to be working, but really can’t seem to pull myself together at all. Hot bath, strong coffee and a load of pills still haven’t done the job yet…

Sorry to sound a bit less than inspired/inspiring, this morning.

I think the sun is trying, you know. Perhaps all will improve.



Hi Tina- im in devon so the sun is on the way to you!!. i do my veggies in tractor tyres- two tyres high filled with top soil so i can sit on the side and reach everything- they are brill and you could use car tyres if you have a small space-also means they are rabbit proof. we live on a farm so tyres and men in diggers are usually at hand -with a bit of nagging.

we share the front gardern with my MiL but after 20 yrs of wanting a piece to my self i have given up-we help cut the lawn but arent allowed to do anything else (its complicated) so i put my veg patch up the lane-and its right next to the little yard that i used to keep the horses in so im going to do all the things i want up there-move the kids trampoline up there as well-get a few chickens and have our own little oasis- trying to fence it all in at the moment so the dogs can run around there as they are planting the fields for maize again this year and im not up to taking them out on leads-they go out and bomb around thefields twice a day and i can just potter round after them,hubby does proper going out walks at the weekends.

its been a bizzarre morning-which has included me scrapping some major plans i had-but were plans that really mattered to no one or made a great difference to our lives other than making me feel like i was still wonder woman and still totally in charge of my future-and i feel so much lighter. had 2 friends call as well, that helped me put things in perspective-

thanks Chocorange-Marcus

trawling through the clutter that is my head a lot better than i thought i would

all the changes are internal but boy are they heavy!!

wow what a difference a week makes-



No sun here in Gloucestershire today, but am living in hope!

Have a good day everyone.



I was going past some allotments yesterday, was I inspired or not! The local BRANCH’S art class wasn’t on but at least I’ve got some subject Matter.

It is a nice bright day (was this morning) & I felt inspired to trim the Laurel hedge. Its safe to do now… NO MORE HARD FROSTS…here’s hoping!

Green Fingers


It is a lovely day and all the better for reading lots of positive posts…sounds as though you have all had a good day one way or another. xx maria.

Hello All,

This recent and very welcome sun must be doing us all the power of good. I bought myself a wooden trough last year with a view to me growing a few veggies. The trough is about five feet long. Last month I pounced on an odd job man to finally put this trough together, and a few weeks ago I was so pleased to see the sun that I managed to fill the trough with garden compost. I hope to order some veggie plantlets next month, as I just don’t feel well enough to grow things from seed anymore. This is so sad, as I do like to grow things organically.

Enjoy the sun everyone!