Hellooo, an update, a bit garden-y

Thought I’d post just to chat really :slight_smile: yesterday was a rough day as I do my Humira injection, so I always feel rough on the day. Today I’m not too bad. The allotment I’ve taken on is finally coming together. I’ve planted lots of things : swedes, kale, cabbage, chard, tomatoes, onions, carrots, peas, beans and chives. I went on today for a few hours and it’s nice to go as the hard graft is done. It’s just planting and tending now.the sun has been out for most of today, so keeping the holiday colour topped up :slight_smile: I hope everyone is alright and enjoying the sun Bev Xxxx

Hi I’m new on here just been diagnosed still trying to get my head around it been very anxious and worried…

It sounds like you enjoy gardening and growing vegetables?

And don’t forget you are keeping up the vitamin D too! Leah :slight_smile:

Ooh, lovely! I’m not growing as much this year as I’ve been decorating (and I only have my small garden), but I munched my way around this afternoon. A few strawb’s, rasp’s, sugarsnaps and french beans. Best of luck with your lottie Bev, it’s lovely to see things growing.

M :slight_smile: xx