A Big Thankyou

I just want to say a huge Thankyou to everyone for being so supportive this week when I got confirmation. It was like a huge comfort blanket :slight_smile: Today I’m recovering from a good old bout on the allotment. I took my time, sat in the dirt a lot of the time when legs kept giving up and loved it. Today is a pyjama day :slight_smile: hope everyone is having a good or better day and coping with the heat! It’s been baking down here and I tend to have a day in, day out with the sun. Huge hugs to you all Xxxx

Allotment now that sound fun. I went to the beach this afternoon when it cooled down fish n chips with my kids and grand kids hence awake now with indigestion happy summer solstice. That’s me in my hippy hat flower power look. Do you like it? Pink suits me?

Yep, I’m loving the hippy hat, I want one myself now :slight_smile: chippy at the beach…yum :slight_smile: xxx