Missing Pat...

I’m missing Pat, sad or what? I hope you are having a good timeM

So bad I’m tidying a cupboard, throwing things ‘willy nilly’ and only just managed to escape from all the tidy ‘stuff’ now covering the carpetDid I hear someone say have a ‘snicker’? Or am I talking to myselfany way, thanks I will and I’m going to close the cupboard door until … tomorrowM

Hi, I always feel somehow cleaner in myself after a good sort, I call it weeding the house!

Have you had that choccy bar?

i`m on the healthy eating kick…again. Gotta get rid of some of this flab!


Oh dear I’m not even gone yet!

I go on Saturday! But have to say it’s true I haven’t been much on here. My fatigue levels are terrible at moment… this afternoon my whole body is buzzing and tinnitus is really loud and have that horrid weak feeling.

Anyway I’m determined to enjoy my hol’s even if tired… and I might pick up when I’m away. I often find that can happen even if it means paying for it when I get back.

I’m back on Thursday so M hope you’re not going to keep cleaning out cupboards till then! And agree Poll… makes me feel SO good when I’ve done it… nothing like chucking junk out and tidying to make a girl feel good.

M, Dr Pat prescribes chocolate asap!

Love to all,

Pat xxx

I eat a snickers just about every day, I’m not entirely sure how I’d function without it?!

Pat, I hope you feel relaxed and not too tired for your break, hope you have a lovely time :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Dear Pat, you are the one that keeps things going, you are permitted to Sonia glad I’m not alone with the guilty habit (Snickers), the cupboard is in the weary/hellish state of looking worseOmeletts and broken eggs stage. Where did you get idea of ‘cupboards’ there is no ‘s’ involved, that makes me weak at the knees. Not even sure I can open the door this morning, I shall be brave by Thursday. I hope you have a wonderful time Pat, love and hugs from ‘your’ team/gang. M

Hope you are having a good time Pat. l am still trying to sort out 34 years worth of stuff, l found my mums wedding photos dont no what to do with them Oh well back to it, Take care regards Jan xx

Thank Jan… haven’t gone yet! I’ve made such a fuss about this holiday that everyone thinks I’ve gone… the same on Facebook… LOL… anyone would think I was going on round-the-world cruise instead of 5 days in Herefordshire!

Another really lovely thing is that I’m meeting up with our own Nina (Ninagrace) while there… as turns out she lives very close to the hotel. So we are meeting up for lunch at the hotel! Very excited about it as it’s the first time I’ve actualy met someone from the forum…

Jan I don’t envy you having to do all that clearing out and packing! God what a huge job to do! Lots of little rests Jan and delegate as much as you possibly can!

This is really and truly the last post before I go on the round-the-world cruise (aka trip to Herefordshire).

Take care all,

Love Pat xxx

Jan, you gotta keep those special photos.

I was sorting out a huge boxful of photos and needed to weed them.

I came across lots of wedding photos of our 2 daughters…both sadly divorced. But I selected some for each of their children to look at when they are older.

I have carefully wrapped them and left the names of my grandchildren on them, to be found when grandma isnt here anymore…oh…it`s too sad…


Have a really lovely holiday Pat. Enjoy meeting up with Nina! Teresa xx

Hi everyone, Spent a really enjoyable and very relaxing afternoon with Pat, thought you’d all like to know that she really is as lovely in ’ real life ’ as she is on the forum. Think I’ve probably exhausted her with my prattling…I’ve certainly exhausted myself…but SO worth it ! Hoping to have chance to meet again for coffee before she goes back to London. Take care and very best wishes, Nina

I’m glad it went well and hope Pat enjoys her holiday, at least it’s cooled off a bit for her, so she doesn’t have to spend all her time indoors with a fan.

I was expecting you to be back but seems like you have only just got there. Hope you are enjoying it we miss you

It’s simply not the same without you Pat M

Hi Pat

Hope you enjoyed your holiday, and how lovely it must have been

to meet up with another on the forum.

I bet you will be knackered now and in need of a test to get over

the holiday, but it will be lovely to see you back on the forum after

you have rested. You most definitely have been missed by everyone.

Pam x

Sounds like your meeting with Pat was a huge success Nina. Great that she’s as lovely as she seems! Teresa xx