Getting my ass out bed!

Hi folks I was lying in pain thinking ‘get your lazy ass out of bed’ Messages moving very slowly from brain to limbsThen I thought of you and got slowly out of bedhere I am Be safe guys, M

Sorry folks it should be getting my ass out of bed…

M you may as well have stayed in bed if weather there is same as here! Snowing…

Next weekend is Easter AND the clocks go forward… I say again (only louder this time) WHERE THE HELL IS SPRING!!!

Hope you doing ok hon. I’m not going anywhere today so not even going to bother getting dressed!

Pat xxx

My ass is spending today in bed, along with the rest of me.

luv Pollx

My ass is staying right here on my recliner. just going to watch telly all day and at 5 i’ll be watching tigers play rugby.

no way am i setting foot outside, i fall over enough as it is without the help of snow!

As you say Pat WHERE THE HELL IS SPRING??!!!

Lisa x

London. 4.10 pm… like a blizzard outside.

On recliner in dressing gown… and I’m staying put!

A friend told me that a hair and nails place up the road are having a fund-raising day today for MS Trust after one of their employess was dx with MS.

All pink balloons tied outside in the snow and the street deserted. Shame. I would have gone if the weather was ok.

Pat x

Hope you’re OK M - look after yourself! Hope the snow is not too bad in London Pat! Luckily we haven’t got snow but it’s bloody cold! Am praying for warmth and sun - I don’t know what good it will do but here’s hoping! Teresa xx

My ass got itself into the car and drove to the local farm shop to get some rolls I’d forgotten to pick up at Tescos. It’s so long since I’ve driven at all (hubbie always drives) I wondered if I’d even remember how to!

No snow here, but lashings of rain and flooding. Got to love the British weather.

Hilary x

Another day and another stryggle BUT here I amI moved my lazy ass before 14:34, honest I did! What a great gang we are

I totally agree with this dreadful weather best to stay inside

and watch TV with all the repeats!!

We have had torrential rain, snow, wind and it’s b****y freezing.

Where the hell is Spring?

Take care everyone and keep warm.

Pam x

Shock horror I’ve actually got to get my lazy ass out the door!!! No no no it’s too coldwhere are my outdoor clothes, how many layers can I put on my body and still move? I’m going now before my courage fails me M

Haha… did you actually go out? Hope so and hope you didn’t freeze to death!

I went out on scooter yesterday… had on so many layers I could barely move… but hey I did it!

Not going anywhere today. A big old fatigue monster is visiting. So that’s my day… although I have managed to get out of bed and onto recliner…

Pat x

Hey! my ass is back in bed today, as nursey has been to give me an enema.

TMI? Nah, we`re all in this together, no?

luv Pollx

Pat, impressive. Poll, I hope all your troubles are behind you. I managed the trek into the snowy mountains OR around them. Emergency Snicker!! then I lay down for an hour Doing nothing todayTake care folks be safe and warmM

Doing nothing today also…

Had a shopping delivery… for some strange reason I ordered new potatoes, baking potatoes, and potato & carrot mash.

Ordering food online while in bed with fatigue is not always a good idea (at least the potato & carrot mash freezes).

And then having to put the food away is a worse idea…

Emergency Snicker sounds like a fab idea! Why didn’t I think of that when doing the order!!!

Have a good one folk… like M says… stay safe and warm,

Love Pat xxx

Seems like you suddenly have a potato fetish Pat. Is this some strange new MS symptom? Hope you manage to use them all up! Teresa xx

I know Teresa… I also got frozen oven chips AND potato and leak soup!!!

I think all my brain could manage was ‘GET POTATOES’!

Pat x

Dear Pat, you obviously must need potatoes may I respectfully suggest chocolate. I know potatoes have there place - I think the online potato genie was attacking you, a cyber attack? Why is it never pleasant things that get miss ordered? According to the the MSIF recently opened by me, that’s two mins ago - Overall this shows that patients with PPMS had worse NP scores and were more impaired in cognitive domains than patients with RRMS.
Stuff everyone!! I’m feeling rebellious for stuff please read F£££ everyoneI know I’m ranting sorry this is ‘in bold’ I can’t switch it offmore impaired? At least I won’t be aloneM