A little trip out of the Big Smoke

Hi gang, I’m going to Bedford in the morning and coming back Tuesday evening. It’s the town where I grew up and going with friend who also grew up there (although we met in London years later). We always stay at the posh Swan hotel on the river… really lovely. And the food!

Esp lovely as the Swan seemed way too posh for us when we were kids!

This time though there’s an extra bonus as we’re taking the new wheelie. So I will be more mobile and get to see a bit more than usual.

Take care all… I’ll be back on the board on Wednesday.

Pat x

Hope you have a good time pat dont get drunk in charge of wheel chair xxx julie

Hi Pat

Have a lovely time, it’s nice to visit the place where you grew up,

I expect you will notice lots of changes. Hotel sounds fab, and make

the most of taking “the green goddess” !

Pam x

Dear Pat, I hope you have a lovely time down memory lane, take care, have fun, posh is fantastic and you make the most of it. M xx

Dear Pat, I hope you have a lovely time down memory lane and posh is fantastic, take care have fun M x

I don’t seem to be able to post AGAIN!

Dear Pat, I hope you have a lovely time down memory lane and posh is fantastic, take care have fun. M x

Enjoy your trip Pat - hope you have a great time! Teresa xx

Sorry about the multiple postings it’s driving me mad!

So sorry about the multiple postings, it’s driving me mad hey it makes a change from MS x

Hi Pat, hope the trip goes welll and you dont make the headlines of the local rag, with something like;

Disabled woman in wheelie, causes havoc in Bedford town centre…banned for life.

Waiting to hear all about it.

luv Pollx

Have a wondeful time Pat, I hope the sun shines for you! Hilary x

Hi gang… just a quick post to say I made it back in one piece. Just.

Weekend was nice but we broke down on the A10 on way back and whole thing turned into nightmare. What should have been a journey of under 2 hours turned out to be 6 hours.


Still recovering…

Love to all,

Pat xx

Glad you had a nice time Pat, sorry to hear about the breakdown,

time to rest and recoup now.

Pam x

Thought it must have knackered you Pat as we hadn’t heard from you. Really glad you’re back and glad you had a good time. Teresa xx

Thanks for nice messages everyone.

Unfortunately I still can’t get over the fatigue… keep having massive meltdowns when I can’t move at all… and seems like every few minutes every drop of moisture in my mouth just dries up.

I get dry mouth with the med’s (I know we all do) but this is different somehow and my teeth feel like made of rubber. Anyone else get this?

Hey ho. Naturally I’m doing nothing but moving between recliner and bed.

Nice day in London… bright and breezy (wish I was!).

Love to all,

Pat xxx

Hi Pat

Sorry you are not so good today, rest, rest and then rest some

more, which is really irritating when the weather is nice, I know, but doing

nowt is best.

I find the amitriptyline gives me a terribly dry mouth, I expect you do too,

but can’t say I have had the feeling of rubbery teeth, so can’t help with

that one, sorry.

Hope you feel more yourself tomorrow.

Pam x

Hi Pat, Bloody fatigue! Sorry it has dragged you down so much - it’s so horrible! I get the dry mouth with my meds but rubber teeth sound rather odd. Perhaps it’s another funny fatigue thing? I cleaned the bathroom on Monday and then could barely move for two days. It’s quite a price to pay for a clean bathroom but I can’t live with a dirty one! Hope a quiet day today has helped and that you are more yourself tomorrow. The weather is beautiful now but I don’t want it any hotter than this! Teresa xx