Can I moan please

I know its all my fault but I am shattered. I am 5 months pregnant have a 10 month old baby and MS which was pretty dorment in my last pregnancy.We decided to go for number 2 whilst I was well and could cope but I dont think I can.

Most days its ok but today all the little niggles like my legs are crampy and stiff and the fact I have to self cath are really getting on my nerves.I just want to be ‘normal’.I think its just that we met with friends at the weekend who are in a similar situation a little one and second on the way and their life seemed much easier.Also as I get bigger my dodgy balance is getting worse and my doctor suggested using a wheelchair to prevent falls for the next few months .All very sensible but it feels a step too far in defeat.

Ellie xx

Oh dear Ellie. You have got a lot to deal with. Just cant imagine how you``ll self catheter, as the bump grows!

Also using a wheelchair, with a baby in tow, could be tricky.

Hope you have a lot of help from grannies, grandads, aunties and uncles of baby no 2.

luv Pollx

hi ellie. firstly - it’s not all your fault! you didn’t ask to have ms and you have every right to want a family!

i don’t have young children but i am a childminder - currently looking after a 9 month old, and 3 and 4 year olds. i’m not carrying a baby so that makes it easier on me, but i find it really tiring and by the end of the day, my legs are going mad. all i do is try and make sure i have as much to hand as possible and spend a lot of time sitting on the floor playing (and crawling around!)

can you move anything around in the home to make things easier for you, or are there things your partner can get ready the night before to save you from having to do them during the day? try and think of any little things that could make life easier for you.

i hope, like poll said, that you will have offers of help to give you a break. don’t be proud - accept them or ask! i am my own worst enemy as don’t want to look like i can’t cope, but if people offer bite off their hand! to be pregnant with such a young child would be very difficult for anyone, never mind the ms thrown in.

really hope it gets easier for you xxx