What a week!

Hi All

I had to have a tooth removed, and because of potential complications my dentist sent me to a clinic to have it done. Well after much struggling (not by me!) I ended up being pinned down by the nurse, and having two dentists attempting to extract the rogue! Finally one dentist said “I will do it!” And indeed she did, turned to the other one and told her she was using the wrong clamp!!

Had to go to my own dentist two days later to get antibiotics as it had become infected! Oh happy days!

I went Christmas shopping yesterday,and being an independent madam went on my own! All was fine until I had two small bags to carry and realised that I had nowhere to put my stick when it came to paying for things. This wasn’t helped by a stall holder in a market huffing and puffing-- I was her only customer! It made me feel for the first time useless, and I went back to my car and cried all the way home.

So I think I’ll forget this week has ever happened! But being positive between having a loose crown and then the tooth removed, I’ve lost 6.5lb with slimming world in two weeks. Taking my total weight loss to 1st 1.5lb!

Be positive is my new mantra, and two fingers up to the impatient morons who expect everyone to skip through their lives in two seconds! Rant over!

Freckles x

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Aww Freckles, what a horrible time you’ve had, I hope your tooth infection will soon clear up.

I used to get upset with stall holders or anyone else that I felt were hurrying me when my fingers wouldn’t work properly! I spent a lot of time worrying about it & ended up not wanting to go out, it really dented my confidence.

I was out with a friend once & she noticed how I was struggling with my purse when the shop girl started huffing because I was holding up a very long queue, so she told the people queuing behind me what a problem I had with impatient shop girls & was anyone in such a hurry that they couldn’t wait a couple of minutes longer? The girl at the till was completely embarrassed when they said nobody had a problem. So if it happens now, I speak up straight away, it’s amazing how many people try to help if they can see a problem…& I don’t get upset anymore!

Wow! Fantastic weight loss! Well done you!

Rosina x

hi freckles,

sorry about your dental problems.

that snotty cow who was working on the market stall! - oooh i could give her a proper piece of my mind.

i worked on the market when i was doing my A levels.

an elderly man was having trouble with stall holders because he had parkinsons.

then he came to my stall. he was lovely and chatty but when it came to paying, his hands were shaking badly.

i gently held his hand whilst he counted out his money.

bless him, he kissed my hand and whispered “thank you”

i wanted to take him home with me!

carole x

Thanks for your replies

I think I’ll go back to that stall holder, smack her across the head with my stick and say, "Oops sorry I had an MS spasm!"

Freckles x

sorry youve had a bad time of it with your tooth,teeth are such a pain.as for the market stall holder.just ignore stupid ignorant people like that dont give them head space…

as for your weight loss… well done i joined slimming world online and i have lost 1stone 4lbs,its coming off slowly about 1lb a week,but i feel so much better already i am aiming for a 3 stone loss.so nearly halfway there now.

J x

Well done on your weight loss mrsJ! Slowly is the best way 1lb a week is what they recommend!

Freckles x