What a catastrophe because I tripped over something that wasn't even there!

I feel like s*** at the moment, yesterday I lost my balance and fell over something that wasn’t even there and grabbed onto something else which smashed me in the mouth and broke off one of my front teeth at the gum line and cracked the one next to it. I look horrendous and i have to go to work looking like Harold Steptoe. I am sooo sick of this illness… Got myself into the dentist tomorrow but dont know whether they will be able to cap the stub that is left or whether I am going to have a big gap in my mouth, my husband says dont worry about it but I am mortified, its the one next to my two big front teeth. No one noticed at work today because I kept my mouth shut, unusual for me. I also have business meetings to attend, how on earth am I going to conceal this? My tooth was weakened by the fact it already had a very small filling in it but I don’t think I deserve this . I try to keep positive but this ms business plays horrible mind games with me, I’m sick of it…Really don’t know what I am going to do next…

Feel better already now I’ve seen it typed out, it looks like someone elses problem!!!

Ive even gone anon because of how embarrassed I am because of this horrible sight and no-one even knows me!!!

Better out than in! The tooth can be repaired somehow and if you’ve managed to type that out and feel better then you’ve retained your sense of humour…far more valuable than your tooth!! I have fallen up the stairs at work, down the stairs at a shopping centre and landed flat on my back in a shop, dropped the full but cold kettle on my pinkie…there are more and it usually involves a full audience …laugh and carry on ms…multiple screwups x

Aw cheers catcatcat, glad I’m not alone in this self humiliation senario! Talk about a full audience, I’m getting a bit fed up with it, I don’t like an audience at the best of times!

Still anon although some will recognise my style of writing I’m sure!

Haha…better to laugh i think…there should be a mutual humiliation support group! I also dont like an audience but id rather be on my bum laughing than crying…and dentistry really is great these days x

Hi Anon,

I also broke a front tooth and looked like a vampire and called myself fang!!! The dentist was very good and built it back up for me and nobody could tell the difference from my other teeth. Before I went to the dentist I suddenly found I kept putting my hand over my mouth when I spoke, but then I didn’t have to go to meetings. So I hope your dentist appt’ is very soon. Hope you don’t fall over again. Take care.



Yes Janet, got my hand over the offending area constantly! Hoping he can cap the offending stub otherwise its a ‘plate’ meaning a a false tooth on a thing that you stick in the roof of your mouth that hopefully doesn’t interfere with your eating,smiling, chewing gum, it’s not gonna work! I am constantly smiling and laughing but not now!!

I’m great at falling over!! Best was crossing the road and ended up flat on my back in front of a lorry!!! Luckily it was a slow moving lorry lol. As for teeth… When I was a little girl dad was running around the garden with me on his shoulders and ripped my top 4 teeth out on the washing line. Dentist managed to fix 'em up so have faith for layer. hmmm looks like I was accident prone before the ms lol Sarah xxx

Breaking front teeth happened to a woman at work last year.

We had to do a big presentation and to get it over and done with she explained right at the start what had happened and that she was very self concious because of it and apologised if she kept covering her mouth.

That then was the end of anyone being embarrased and the dentist did a quick fix to tied her over while the proper end product was made or whatever they do.

To close you know you never need be embarrased on here…we are friends


You’re right Sarah, it’s very easy to blame everything on ms, maybe I am just naturally clumsy!


What a horrible thing to have happened. I am really sorry.



Hey Anon

I had an an accident where I fell over a fast moving car when I was about 14… I have crowns on some of my front teeth and a plate for one of them :frowning: Being 14 and having crappy teeth for a year was no fun I can tell you!! But I got over that and had the saved teeth crowned, and a plate for the one that couldnt be saved.

I NEVER take the plate out (only to clean it) and I dont think even my children or my partner know I have it… its my little secret :slight_smile:

So I understand only too well about you going Anon and putting your hand over your mouth.

Good luck with your dentist and I hope he is as good as my one who really is a miracle worker :slight_smile:

Paula xx

You dont know how you have inspired me Paula, think this has got to be my little secret, horrible as it is! Dentist told me today she can cap it and will prob last about 3 years at 400 plus for a natural looking one. With everything else thats going on I cant be ‘doing teeth’. I will go for the plate and keep my mouth shut, its alright for these celebs to have fabulous implants but my bank balance wouldn’t deal with that even though i am still lucky enough to be able to work! At least I won,t look as though I am auditioning for Jeremy Kyle anymore even without the tracky bottoms and the new white trainers.!