Had to laugh before I started crying...

Bank holiday/DIY injury? I didn’t see this coming going out yesterday in the sun, I sat on a chair and it collapsed! No one was with me and I couldn’t move, one of those ‘director chairs’ that has stitching to a metal frame. I was trapped in the frame and could not get out or move, boy how the ‘fates’ must have laughed! I was 3/4 ins off a pebble path with a known fracture to (L1) lower back and not wanting another. I could not move so I had to shout for help! I know pathetic, well here I am none the worse but for my ego dented and a few more bruises Take care, be safe and watch for the unexpectedM

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That’s sounds awful.

Glad to hear you survived without further injury-apart from your pride maybe.

Those chairs can be lethal weapons!

Take care xx

Oh eckythump, sounds awful. But you survived and can laff at yourself now.


Hi M

Wow sounds awful, glad you are OK.

Pam xx

I sympathise wholeheartedly, I took my Granddaughter and Mum to the seaside yesterday, mum runs after her because I cant. Anyway sat on beach watching her play for and hour when the time came to get up I couldnt !! Usually I can get myself up, its a bit of a performance but I manage it eventually. Yesterday I felt as if I was on a rocky boat and kept losing mŷ balance I’d get halfway up then fall. A helpful young couple came to my rescue but it was very embarrassing, I’ll have to keep a camping chair in the car because I’m planning on taking her for as long as I can.

Im ashamed to say I get very impatient with my mum when she keeps trying to help me, she’s six and a half stone wringing wet so I know she isn’t strong enough. I do try not to let my impatience show

Jan x

So glad I can laugh about it BUT it has left me worried about the things I have no ability to plan for! I think that’s called life Cheers guys, take care and be safe. Mx

What a thing to happen!!!

Hope no lasting damage. And not pathetic at all !!!

Try not to worry about things that might never happen… because IF they did happen you would cope. You did cope in the collapsing chair. You called out for help. That is coping!

Think of you M,

Pat xx

I’m so glad you can laugh about it now but you must have been panicking. I’ve found that if I go to a BBQ or anywhere I know I’ll be sitting outside I take a deck chair. They fold up easy and are light and comfy but because the legs are rounded you never get thrown out when one leg sinks into the grass toppling the chair over. I’ve embarrassed myself a few times, and the other camping chairs that fold up give me terrible back ache as they don’t support my hips properly.

We’re an awkward lot aren’t we? I hope you feel okay and the bruising isn’t too bad.

Cath xx

That must have been awful! I’m glad you could see the funny side but these things can panick you afterwards, can’t they?

Pat is right though…somehow we do always cope one way or another!

take care M

Nina x

We are a resistant lot thankfully, we need to be! We think we have everything covered and something else bites us. I’m fine thanks everyone and I’ve just come in from getting my ‘rays’ while the sun shines. No ill effects to everyone, take care. M