Ouch and double bl**dy ouch!

I couple of weeks ago I posted that I had tripped up over nothing as per usual and smashed myself in the mouth breaking off one of my front teeth at the gum line and chipping the one next to it, ouch, that hurt!!

Yesterday I got the bill for the repair work - £565 and that’s NHS!!! Double bl***y ouch! because I don’t have insurance.

If I hear one more person say ‘you’ll have to take more water with it’ I will scream.

I haven’t even got my new cap yet, going for the temporary fitted on Tues so I still look like I’m auditioning for Jeremy Kyle. Where’s me tracky bottoms?

On a happier note, at least a capped tooth can be fitted and I am not going to be like this for the rest of…

Thanks you guys for all your reassurance on my last thread to do with this.


Chuffin ell kid! How the chuff are you supposed to pay that kind of brass out? Are you gonna pay it monthly?

And paying for pain is just add salt to your wounds, eh?

Poor you.

luv Pollx

Blimey Sue I had no idea that the NHS would charge that much for repair work. That is really steep! I hope you’ll be able to pay for it over some time, if you need to. Teresa xx

Yes Poll, I’m paying it in 2 lump sums. Wish I’d had the insight to have Denplan though…

Teresa, it’s steep but thats because I chose for my tooth to be capped, my alternative would have been a denture on a plate which would have probably been half the price, it’s my own stupid vanity that gets me in these scrapes and the fact I dont want to lose a healthy root, I can’t really complain!


A painful business in more ways than one, but was the trip caused by dropped foot? If so, a fes might help to lift the foot and reduce the chance of falls.


A foot up can be useful if the problem is not too bad.


Hi whammel,

I’m not sure if it would be called a dropped foot, it doesn’t happen very often and it feels like my reaction is seconds behind what my brain is instructing my foot to do. I thought a dropped foot was a permanent thing? The reason I did so much damage was because I grabbed a microphone stand to stop my fall that tipped and smacked me in the mouth. One of the most painful parts was the fact I had an audience as well! Thanks for the links though, good for future reference.


Glad to hear you haven’t got the pesky dropped foot and hopefully, you never will. From what I remember, it was something that got progressively worse as I got tired and eventually became permanent, so probably not the same thing at all.

OMG I think I would of dropped on the floor again with a bill like that.

With everything else we have to contend with, having what you want to make you feel comfortable with your appearance is the least you can do though.

Hope it goes ok.


Just an update, been to the dentist to get my temporary cap tooth fitted and was told that the post, the thing they drill into your gum and attach the capped tooth to, hasnt arrived yet 4 weeks down the line, said the real capped tooth will be here in 2 weeks, great, I’ve just left work early for this appt. and have to make the time up tomorrow. never mind, halloween is looming and all I need is a big false wart on my nose and a tall black hat and I will look the part… bearing in mind this is costing me over £500 on the nhs. Am I missing something here?? Am I not being assertive enough??

Give me your views please


hi hun. when i needed a dentist i had to pay the bill and send the recipt to the local authority,whom then sent my money to me in a cheque. dont know if this is the way it works still,but u may want to look into it.

the most recent visit(09) no money needed. may have been as it was a check up and clean?

hope u r well and doing well. i want march to hurry up and come back,lol.

lynda x x