Wish me luck! Got to go to the dentist’s this morning as I have broken a piece off of one of my teeth. I am utterly terrified and will no doubt be fine but really don’t want to go. I would rather see the neurologist any day!

Teresa xx

Good luck, you'll be fine - if the dentist knows how nervous you are, they'll prob make allowances for you.  But you definitely need a broken tooth fixed, if you don't, that can lead to all sorts of horrible things in your mouth, and you seriously don't need that!

Luisa x

You will be fine, once you get there, i find the thought of going is worse than the actual going, i stress about it for weeks before, then when i come away i think to myself it wasnt half as bad as i imagined.


by this afternoon you will wonder why you felt so anxious.


jaki  xx

Hi Luisa and Jaki

Thanks for your kind words.

Just got back, my dentist was really quick. It was just as well I went as just as she was drilling to make way for the filling to mend the tooth, another piece of tooth sheared off. She mended it and it was fine - no injection or anything.

Glad I went and glad it’s over! Have also come back and found the post had been with the result of my recent smear - all normal, hurrah!

Can get on with my day now feeling reasonably relaxed.

Teresa xx

Glad it turned out OK - Teresa. l was only bragging - recently- that l had not had anything done - apart from regular clean/descaling for 27yrs. THEN last week l had terrible toothache - rang the dentist, who fitted me in the following day. By then l could have pulled the tooth out myself. l did have the tooth extracted - and there was infection deep down. lts fine now. lts a back upper tooth - so doesn't show. The tooth was slightly loose which caused infection. The dentist said how ill a bad tooth can make you. So alls well that ends well. l am trying to give up eating nuts and toffee. The Pam Eyres poem-

l Wished l'd looked after me teeth - and spotted the perils beneath - all the toffees l chewed and the sweet sticky food.


Hi teresa, good luck and hope it isn`t too painful.....or expensive!

luv Pollx

Hi Frances

That sounds horrible! Glad they sorted it for you and fairly quickly!

It’s hard not to eat some of the yummy things that are so bad for us as they give you a lift. Well, I think so anyway.

Thanks Poll, it wasn’t too bad or too expensive!

Teresa xx

Hi Teresa, just seen your post now but no need to send good luck wishes cos you have been. Glad it went ok and you are sorted out now!


Thanks Cheryl,

Teresa xx

Btw Cheryl

Hope you’ve had a much better day today and are feeling ok.

Teresa xx

Hi again Teresa, thanks yes I had a better day today, still very stiff but no worse anyway and actually better again since I had a wee rest when children came in. I’m (almost) raring to go now, lol.


Great news Cheryl,

I think it is usual when you’ve had a really c**p day that the day after is an improvement - not always but fairly often.

Teresa :-)xx