HELP! Should I get a filling?!

I have an appointment with the dentist in 2 hours time, I’m booked in for a filling as one I already have has become chipped, I don’t have any pain it’s just really annoying and as I’ll be getting the dreaded needle (I’m incredibly nervous of the dentist and usually end up in tears) I wonder if it’s really necessary after some of the posts I’ve read about neuralgia. Do I keep my appointment or wait till I really need to get it seen to?! Help!

Personally, with my intense dislike of anything to do with the dentist, I would wait until it needed work !! But then I’d be the first to moan about the pain and the length of time I had to wait for an appointment !! Xx


Hi Linda, I would get it done now if I were you. I recently had a filling which felt dodgy, as if it were ready to come out. I rang up and saw my dentist at an emergency appointment. She poked the filling with a tool and it promptly fell out and exposed a huge hole. She told me that it was a good job that I had gone in then as if it had fallen out and I had delayed, the decay would have really worsened! Good luck! Teresa xx

best to go see, and it may turn out,they might just have to put a bit of filling back,and you may not even need an injection,i find when i get into a state about going,i usually come out thinking,there i was in a panic over nothing lol,good luck,i go necxt tuesday for 2,and i also hate going.

jaki xx

Thanks peeps, Unfortunately I’m not that brave and have just cancelled! She said that she would take the whole filling out and replace it which would have meant an injection and quite a bit of “pokey pokey”! I’ve worked myself up into such a frenzy (as always) that I now feel sick uuggghhhhhh! I asked if she could referer me to the dental hospital but said she’d talk to a sister practice first who do sedation; I don’t think they’ll do it though as apart from the MS, I’m on a lot of med’s for Epilepsy.

This is the 3rd post now and none of them have been published! What’s going on?!