Had to cancel dentist !!!

Morning gang, had to cancel dentist, if you recall i was going for a tooth out,and so scared,well i got my self that worked up,i cant stand up,my own fault i know,and believe me ive been trying to calm myself for weeks now,but i just am not able to.

anyway my partners just rang a private dentist that can do home visits so i am waiting for him to call back,it will cost us a fortune if he can,but not to worry.Its such a nice sunny day here in west yorkshire,not too warm,just nice.

J x

J, are you actually getting pain from the tooth that needs to come out? Have you seen x-rays that show you the tooth needs to come out?

I ask because I don’t always trust dentists (although of course there are some great ones) but I’ve been told I need a ‘deep filling’… went to another dentist & he did x-rays & said I didn’t need any fillings.

Also was once told I needed my wisdom teeth out. Was too scared and didn’t go. That was about 30 years ago and I’ve NEVER had a problem with my wisdom teeth.

SOME dentists are not exactly ethical and will say you need work done so they get the money!

Maybe go to another dentist for 2nd opinion?

Pat xx

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Hi Pat, i know what you are saying, but i have been having trouble with this tooth for quite some time, i had an inspection and mentioned it was hurting quite a bit,it already has a big filling in thats been there for 22 years so he did an x ray and said i could either have a root canal or extraction,i think theres some sort of infection because its a mild throbbing pain now and then,and its best to have it out,it wont show either its a pre molar

The private dentist just rang and quoted me £700 !!! for a home visit and said its a bit far for him to come anyway and he wasnt really happy doing it anyway !!!..pffffttt as if i really care lol… i would rather put up with the pain

as if i was going to pay that much,i wouldnt pay that even if i could afford it.i am just going to have to wait until i feel up to going to my NHS dentist,i do like him and feel ok with him,just wish i could b****y well get there.

J x

Hi Mrs J

I can understand being scared, cos I am like that also. Would it be any use if you asked your GP for a mild sedative to take before you went, just something very mild that would keep you calmer.

If you are anything like me, if the pain gets bad to cope with, you will find your courage, and be at that dentists like a shot.

Try not to stress about it, that will only make things worse, take care.

Pam x

Hi Pam, yes your right if it gets too bad ,i will have to get there,my partner said he will carry me there lol,just thought if i could have had an home visit it would be better,i could have got it over with,but i have to wait until i can at least stand,theres no help for the housebound at all,

i have some diazepam which i could take to calm me down,i think they are out of date though,will ring drs and ask for some more, i hate the way i obsess over things now, i seem to make mountains out of molehills more and more,suppose its the MS and what its done.

j x

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Mrs J, have you tried rinsing it with hot salty water?

Have the water as hot as you can but not so hot it burns …hold it on the tooth for a few seconds before you spit it out. Do this several times a day.

I had a back tooth that was infected and dentist said it needed to come out. He had also told me about the hot salty rinse so I tried that option first…five years later I still have the tooth!

Occasionally it it starts to hurt and I do the salt rinse and it’s fine again! Maybe worth a try?

Take care,



Hi Nina

Thanks, that’s a very useful tip to know.

Pam x

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Hi Nina.

thanks for the tip, will try it,i hope it works.i never thought of that,and i always gargle with salt water when i get a sore throat,so i should have done really.

J x

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Most dentists have space for emergency appointments - so why don’t you wait until you feel like ‘going for it’ and just ring them first thing one morning - and say you have terrible toothache. lt will only take a couple of mins to get it out - especially as it is ‘hollow’ having already a big filling in it. l am always amazed how little they actually bleed.

A bad tooth can make you ill - so you know it needs to come out. lts the waiting for an appointment that drags out the inevitable.

Just think how much better you will feel when it is done. Even ask your GP - for something to calm you down - before you go.

Certainly, don’t use the private home service. He will have none of the equipment they use in the surgery - and also not the sterilised area.

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yes SJ i think thats what i am going to do,i had already thought of that,that will be better than making an appointment cos as soon as i make it i will be in panic mode.going to take a diazepam before,i go

i dont normally have a problem going i go every 9 months for a check up and have had lots of fillings, but for some reason having a tooth out with just a local is a big ,big deal for me,i think its because i once took my daughter for one out and it took the dentist a long time,and my daughter will only have ever have teeth out with sedation now,since then she said it really traumatised her,think it did me too,more than i realised at the time.b****y teeth,i wouldnt care if we neglected them we dont

J x.

Thanks for reminding me, I had to cancel an appointment and need to rebook. I wasn’t well and its difficult enough when I am mobile in the wheelchair but I had an infection and was proper poorly BIG AHH.

Hope all goes well


Hi Don

Hope you are feeling better now ((((hugs))))

Pam x

hope you are feeling better Don,i thought you must be not well as i havent seen you on here for some time.


J x