The aftermath of having all my teeth out.

Well finally after years of having chronic peridontal problems caused by autoimmune problems according to my hygeineist I got the strength and courage to have all the rest of my teeth out, 7 of them not many really, but had it under sedation on Wednesday night.

The day after i felt so ill thought i would die, every part of my body hurt, fizzed and ached and i felt sick so bad, wasnt sure what to do with myself. I thought it was just like a major relapse. I knew the extractions would probably kick off something but it is Saturday now, I still feel rubbish, and still feel sick too and in a lot of pain, been hit with a bus I think lol.

Has anyone else had tooth extractions with their MS that has caused them problems?

The funny part of it is my gums are fine, not even sore lol.

I just want to feel normal again, never quite felt like this even with a bad exacerbation of my symptoms.

Sorry I dont expect anyone can advise me, but I just feel so rotten I think i need a hug lol, and I am so proud of myself going to the dentist as I am really really phobic, so it was a major thing for me. Thanks for reading. Mariaxxx


Sorry to hear you are feeling so rotten. As your gums are feeling OK - l should think it was the sedative they gave you that you are reacting to. l recently had a back tooth taken out and felt perfectly alringht afterwards - thats just with the injections that ‘freeze’. ln fact l went out to dinner that same evening.

Drink plenty of water - that usually helps you get over an anesthetic.


Hugs a plenty zooming your way, love.

Oh it must be awful for you, so take some painkillers and have a good old rest. It`s got to get better, when the holes have healed and you get your trouble free new dentures, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi Maria, I had all my bottom teeth removed about 4 years ago. They did it after ‘freezing’ with injections. I felt a bit rough afterwards and had to take time off work but it DOES wear off so hang in there.

Best thing is lots of liquids, as already mentioned and lots of TLC.


hope you feel better soon.Kathryn x

Hi Maria You were so brave, well done! I hope you feel better soon, then you’ll feel glad you had it done. Thinking of you, Teresa xx

Awe Maria,

I too have had peridontal disease, was told I wasnt cleaning them properly (could have hit him - Im very meticulous), then to do with my habits (wont list them all here), then gap in treatments (dentist making appointments ever further apart because I dont pay megga private fees). Anyhow Ive had loads of teeth out, to be told there was nothing wrong with them. Ive now come to the conclusion Ive either had similar problems as you or nerve pain which was unrelenting.

I can fully understand what pain you feel, its dreadful. You will in time get over the pain and once healed over you will forget all about your ordeal. Indeed anything like youve had done can feel like youve had major operation and yes the ms can flare up because its a shock to the system.

Just think no more pain, messing around and peace of mind once you get dentures fitted. Once you fall in love with your new smile youll not look back.

Sending you loads of (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) together we can care, share and send support & love.

take care,



Hi, I live with constant gum inflamation caused by MS… but nothing compared with what you have been through.

Feel better soon.


Pat x

Hi, Not much else I can add except ((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))) and wishes for a speedy recovery.

Janet x

If i have to have local anathetic for anything i ask for the one without adrenaline, if i have the normal one with, im on the sofa for a week or more, without and im fine. hope you feel better soon

BC xx

Hi guys i feel a bit better this morning, just hoping the nausea doesnt come back just felt so sick…i hate that.

My gums are fine, healing really well, thank goodness, and yes its wierd not having my teeth as I keep wanting to clean them in the mornings lol.

I was told by my hygeinist that people with auto immune disease are very very prone to peridontal problems, even people with MS (auto immune), have problems with their gums as do Lupus…and others.

I have my teeth in a little bag and not one is bad, they are all good, which is why the dentist has always been so reluctant to take them out, but once the gums recede too much and before the tooth nerve dies, the pain in the mouth is worse then child birth lol…

So now i have to let the gums settle down, and next step is measuring me up for my lovely smile lol.

Thanks guys for support it really does help you know, i am on my own at the moment as my hubby is away in Italy working, although i have my care worker who did stay with me for 2 days, now i am on my own.

I cant believe i was such a baby lol.

Thanks again. xxxx Maria

Hi BC why without adrenaline? The reason why I ask is before i got sick i suppose about 15 years ago now, i went to a dentist and had work done on a tooth, and when I had the injection my heart went mad, flip flop all over the place, i tried not to panic thought i was having a heart attack lol. The dentist assured me it was because there was adrenaline in the anathetic.

I think that is probably one of the reasons why i stopped going as it really freaked me out.

It would be interesting to know why you avoid it?

I have no clue if i had it in the recent extractions, as I was a bit wonky with the sedation lol…

hugs Mariax

I find that so interesting BC. Since MS I find that any shock or excitement sends me into fatigue melt-down (even something quite small) and have wondered if it’s anything to do with adrenaline. I wonder if anyone has looked into affect of adrenaline on MS and if it could mean anything.

Anyway, thanks for post as I didn’t realise you could ask for it without adrenaline so worth keeping in mind.

Pat x

me too ,IF i have the injection WITH adreanaline i am ill for months,not all dentists do them though,one i went to said he thought i was being ‘silly’, needless to say i never went back, my dentist now is really good, and she agreed with me, and always gave me them each time i need any work,but i do find they are not as good as the adreanline ones,i do feel quite a bit of pain,so if i need major work, it will have to be the adreanline ones.

jaki xx

Hi Maria, i woild ring and ask the dentist, because when i have had the adrenaline ones i have had a relapse after it, so now i have the adreanaline free ones all the time, with no problems,not a lot of people are aware that they can and do cause us with MS problems.

jaki xx

it was just a fluke that we discovered it- my dentist was brill and we talked over the fact that after having an injection i would be ill for weeks, he said try the injection without adrenalin and see if it helped and it did, i then put that theory into other parts of my life and found that after an adrenalin rush i would be ill, almost instanly. i could no longer gallop up the fields on my horse- not because i was fatigued at the time but because i ws on such a high whilst going fast as soon as we had stopped i would be in such a mess physically my horse would literally be carrying home a body not a rider- but i could ( as long as my muscles were not painful) ride at a steady pace for miles. adrenalin has a very detrimental affect on me and so i TRY my very best to keep calm in stressy situations, and have got very good at switching off.

I had a bad riding accident and when being stitched up at hospital i asked for the non adrenalin local and as i hadnt been diagnosed at the time they were quite miffed about my request- although thet did use it and i was fine.


Hi BC it would make sense, to why i reacted the first time…

I rang the dentist this morning and they did use injections with adrenalin, AND I still feel like i am in an exacerbation, i feel ok yesterday, but this morning back to rubbish again.

Well its too late now lol, its done and I shall never have to go through it again, I just have to now get well.

Just as a point when they do the lumbur puncture does the freezing injection have adrenalin, because i was the same for 2 weeks really not well at all…

Crikey its really interesting all this lol. You just dont know do you. Thanks again. Mariax

Hi Maria, Just writing to send you a ((((((((((HUG)))))))))) and wish you the best in your recovery. I can only relate having had my wisdom teeth out when I was a teenager, and it was pretty brutal. Good for you for having the courage. I hope you feel better very soon. XXKK

Aww bless you…it hurts! My husband had all of his removed 2 yrs ago, all 27 of them. Prior to that, he was in soo much pain, he was prescribed Pethadine to control the pain. After having his teeth out e was in severe discomfort for a good 2 weeks, but he was also detoxing from the Pehadine too so it was a bad time for him. If you are a smoker, I would suggest cutting right down or stopping for a day or two. Husband found his mouth healed quicker when he stopped. But it will get better, good to read that you already do. You will be as right as rain before you know it! Xx

Hi Maria, I always feel ill after having dental work, especially a tooth extraction. If you have peridontal disease you need to be careful about infections afterwards. Some dentists do give antibiotics if you have peridontal disease and an extraction.

My teeth are fine and just falling out lately. I had to have one taken out in December. In January another became loose. I just haven’t had time to get to the dentist as you’ll know why. I was suppose to be going to the dentist this thursday and I’ve had to cancel it. Again you’ll understand why.

I hope you feel better soon as I know how you feel.

Hugs, Jacqui x

hope you feel better soon Maria, and it all settles for you.

I asked for the local without adrenalin for my lumbar puncture and they did it for me, i didnt feel a thing and never have with denatl work either, i would rather have no local than have the adrenalin one!!.

BC xx