amazed after dental surgery

Hi all, Can’t believe my day! Woke up and went hospital to have TEN, 10 teeth out!! My teeth=not good at the back! Anyway they put me under GA and it felt like 2secs and a nurse was standing there saying all done!I didn’t believe her as I didn’t feel like I’d been asleep but I checked my teeth and they were gone!! No more infections and to top it all, they told me I’d sleep all night and maybe tomorrow too but I’m posting this after 1am and I feel better than I have for months, even years! Had 2 painkillers cos I’ve got a saw throat from the tube they put down me for breathing, no other pain to report! We’ll see in the morning… Nite nite from a very happy bunny Ben

Blimey Ben… 10 teeth out!

Hey whatever drugs they gave you sound fab… send some over for me please!

Sleep well & great that you’ll have no more infections.

Pat x Think I’ll join you… (not literally of course… )

Hope you feel better for it Ben and sleep well! I hope you haven’t lost the ability to eat though! Teresa xx

hey, slept well till about 9ish still with no pain apart from the bloody sore throat!!

feel better than i have for ages!! long may it continue!