Tooth out

Hi all,

I had a tooth out on 21st November, it took ages and I nearly fainted afterwards, I was very shaken up by the whole experience. Then the socket got infected, and was very painful all through last weekend. It’s all settled down now, and I’ve finished the course of antibiotics (Metronidazole) which the dentist gave me. The socket is tender but not sore, and still very much open and revolting to look at.

The mystery is that I’m still absolutely shattered with fatigue - much worse than usual. Is this unsurprising after what’s happened? I would have expected to be improving a bit by now, but I’m just completely wiped out.

Has anyone had any similar experiences with tooth-extractions?


Hi Christopher, just about anything wipes me out… and I’m sure a tooth out and then infection would have done me in!

I think esp the infection would be bad for MS… the whole immune system would be in a confused mess trying to fight the MS and the infection. I think antibiotics don’t help either.

All you can do be remind yourself that now your tooth is on the mend (the socket I should say) you should slowly start getting your energy back… or at least back to where you were before. It does take time though. I had a cold a while back and felt like I was never going to feel any better… but I very slowly recovered.

HellMS on here recently had a wisdom tooth out and she was completely done in as well.

Take it easy Christopher… lots and lots of rest and TLC… and here’s hoping you feel much better soon.

Pat x

Good morning Christopher, I had an impacted wisdom tooth removed 10 days ago. Dry socket/infection… Warm salt water rinse and antisepic mouth rinse from the pharmacy. I’m actually now slowly getting better, should be able to chew properly soon, baby food is boring. One last thought and a damned good one, a wee dram of a single malt whisky DON NOT spit out swallow and relax.Take care, M

Ive ground most of my teeth out now, got to have 2 removed which im happy to have done but not happy to have the infections afterwards, took 6 lots of antibiotics last time… but that was before I knew about the ms. what i do find helps clear up infections rapidly is cannabis(ingested) as it enhances B cells in the immune system while deregulating T cells which can be seen here " potential control of multiple sclerosis by cannabis and the endocannabinoid system" from Barts and london. 2012. It basical gives your immune system a break by increasing the bio availabilty of the neuro and immune elements that are shared by the system. I think Sativex should be prescribe at least a week before such procedures happen to bolster our already overactive immune systems as standard practice. will save and slow on a lot of unwanted progression.

Another interesting thing, a few years ago there was an article in a professional dental mag’ about gum problems and MS. Apparently inflamed and infected gums are common with MS. Whenever I go to the dentist I’m always told I have inflamed gums. I wonder if this means we are more prone to gum infections?

Herbmanbob… agree about Sativex.

Pat x

PS I can’t actually remember if the article said gum infections… but it did say inflamed gums. Px

yup Pat dental MS is a nasty thing. 10 years ago perfect smile not a tooth out of place now there all loose, cracked and worn away. My gums are down past the root now and no amount of brushing makes them bleed. So all i can deduce is that like with the burn/cold and fatiuge of ms in limbs when bio availability of anandamide raises the retrograde signaling fails to keep the cells healthy and well feed at the mitocondrial level and they start to suffocate.side effect of an over active immune system.

Thanks to everyone for your responses, much appreciated. Since I wrote I’ve become weaker and fainter, so I’ve just been to the GP and he’s signed me off work for two weeks, which means I’ll have a chance to rest and recover - much needed!