Wisdom tooth

Hi Guys Just after some advice , I’m due to have my wisdom tooth Out tomorrow and was a bit worried if having this done can Cause relapses? Has anyone had experience with this ? Thanks Sarah x

Hi Sarah, sorry hun, I cant answer your question, but I`m sure someone else will be along soon to help out.

I just want to wish you luck for the procedure.

luv Pollx

Thank you Poll that’s lovely of you x

Hi Poppet,

No…it wont cause a relapse, but if your stressed about having it out then that can cause one!!!

Having a wisdom tooth out is generally alot worse in your head than actually having it done. Saying that, are you having it done under GA or just local…hospital or normal dentist?

GA can make you feel horrendous sometimes and that can cause issues but i would without a doubt say no it wont directly affect your ms, i am sure that leaving the wisdom tooth in, with reoccurring infections etc would be worse for your ms than the ordeal of having it out. Hope this helps. Oh and rest up after and take it easy for few days as this will make it heal faster and it also is excuse for everyone to help out for a while lol.

Lea xx

Thank you Lea & Jennifer , for advice . Not been online For a while . It went ok , having the tooth out Wasnt the problem it was the after that took its time. Ended up going back as it wouldn’t heal . But all better now . Sarah :slight_smile: x

Thanks Jen, one thing after another though :frowning: I’m struggling after my MRI with contrast now . Been in terrible pain. Ooh the joy !! Lol Sarah x

U are having a awful time too ? I’m sorry to hear that . It does really help having people to chat to that are going Through the same . No I haven’t called anyone yet but think its time I did . X

Thanks Jen :slight_smile: x