mouth tight and teeth clamped Please Help if you can

I have not been too well lately and added stress that I am having relapse. Added to throat infection and UTI I have new symptoms which I presume is part of relapse.

My teeth are clamped tight and at the back the pain from teeth seems to be the cause of ear pain.

I as not sure if my jaw is the problem because I can’t tell if the pain is from jaw or teeth.

My relapse has really mainly been extra wobbly legs and very poor balance. Also developed a tremor.

Any advice about how to ease this or just to say if it sounds like an ms " thing " would be appreciated.

I haven’t felt like eating for a few days so not sure if it would affect that.

Thank you in advance


Sorry did not realise I had posted the above anonymously

Teeth still clamped and really would appreciate any replies.


  • Sad to read this honey only thing(if it’s any help to you )that helps me when it happens to me is gently heat a tea towel(maybe on a heater)and wrap it around your face you have the mumps or a sore ear
  • You might feel and look silly but what the he’ll we all have our moments don’t we??
  • If my sinuses were bad I used to do this and Lay down on a soft pillow I. Bed for awhile .
  • Give it a go just t make sure towel Is justst warm enough as for the eating thing I don’t feel
  • That has much to do with usually I can go 3/4 days hardly rating at someone said
  • Can you not try some of the green stuff I know it’s frowned on by some but believe me it’s not long touching the t the other parts that body that other things don’t touch
  • Oops! I sound like an advert there ha ha

Hello Elljay

It could be a relapse. Or as you say part of all the general virus and infection that’s rampaging through your body.

I wouldn’t suggest steroids if you have infections and / or a virus. The steroids will damp down your immune system, which might help with the MS symptoms, but will make your UTI and the throat infection worse and harder to shift.

Trigeminal Neuralgia could be at fault. I’ve not had it so don’t know if that’s what it feels like. But have a look at

Just in case it is your teeth, try taking paracetamol. Or if you can manage to, gargle with some soluble aspirin. If it is teeth that might help. Or of course, lemsip might help your throat anyway.

Otherwise, try one of Rosies methods. You do need to be careful with ‘herbal remedies’ though. If you don’t know the source, you can’t trust it. But if you have any friends or family who use the stuff, it could be worth a go. Alternatively, some people might suggest a small medicinal brandy swilled around your mouth.

Heat pads if you have them could work, or a hot water bottle, well wrapped up.

You definitely sound like you’re having a miserable time. I hope it gets better soon. At least I hope all the ailments as well as the leg wobble and balance too.


Hi Elljay,

You have described a lot of reasons why you’re unwell. It would be an idea if you saw your GP to try to unravel what is MS and what isn’t.

Best wishes,


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Anthony’s right actually. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to say that. Best to see your GP and if necessary after that, your MS nurse if you have one.