Teeth Issues

Hey all,

Wondering if any one else has ever had issues with there teeth .

For the last 5 days i have been in agony , and the pain seems to be spreading up my right hand side of my face and across under my nose . to the point i am having tingles in my cheeks and my lips . ( feels like when you have a local anaesthetic at the dentist )

Been to dentist he cant find anything , been to Doctor they cant find anything.

Neither where very helpful , the pain is getting worse and worse . I have already had to take time off work and they are giving me greif for the time i have had off this year already .

Its just one thing after another .

Any suggestions welcome , or if any one has heard of the same thing and it could be related I would grateful. just so im know im not going mad


Hi Anna,

Be very careful not to have extensive work done on your teeth unless an expert can confirm there’s definitely a dental cause, as many people with MS have had unnecessary - and expensive - work.

A condition called trigeminal neuralgia is quite common with MS. It causes severe facial pain, which can be mistaken for toothache, or even earache, although there’s nothing wrong with teeth or ears.

There are neuropathic (nerve pain) painkillers for TN, try asking your GP again, to see if it’s relieved by giving them a go, or if GP won’t prescribe, ask to be referred back to neuro.

I’ve had (I reckon) just a single episode of TN, but because I was undiagnosed at the time, had no idea what it might be. Went to bed feeling fine, woke up definitely not fine - agonising toothache, both sides (which is unusual).

I’d never heard of instant agony, both sides like that, with no prior twinges or warnings. I staggered to the bathroom, dosed myself with everything in the medicine cabinet it was safe to take at once, and went back to bed. In the morning, there was absolutely no trace of the pain, to the extent I wondered if the whole thing had been a horrible nightmare.

I don’t mean taking everything in the bathroom cabinet is a good fix - I think that was probably coincidence. It’s just a strange and unpredictable pain. It can start very suddenly, but stop very suddenly too.



hi anna

i had excruiting pain in 2 of my teeth (left side)-not in jaw-was specfically in theses 2 teeth. begged my dentist to remove them! and although drastic he agreed. no bother since-this was 6/7 years ago. have since had tn since on the right side several times but thats different from the original teeth/pain problem.

i however dont recommend getting them whipped out until u r certain-i was and had a good dentist (still do) that listens to me.

hope u find relief soon.

ellie x

HI Tina ,

I have literally just read about Trigeminal Neuralgia , and i am pretty certian that is what it is .

As at the dentist the X rays where clear , nothing hurt when he started bashing my teeth to see if i was going to react.

And it makes sense that last weekend when this started , i was doubling up my Amiltriptaline and it was easeing off . But because I had to get back to work i lowered my dose as well falling asleep at my desk is frowned upon .

I literally want to bash my head against a wall at the moment. if it stops the pain .

So glad you wrote the same thing ( well im not happy i may have it) but at least im not going mad as i swear people dont believe me . Im sitting at work with an ice pack on my face as it seems to easse it a bit .

Here hoping it disappears over the bank holiday


Thanks Ellie ,

See i hate my dentist and i dont trust him not to be making money off me . and as nothign came up on my x rays i dont think it is my back teeth as i 1st thought . especially as it aslo feels like someone is drilling just under my ear.

Nothing is ever simple is it. cant just have 1 thing go wrong it all happens at the same time.

At least its bank holiday and i dont have to worrry about work for a few days , as i am already in bother about time off.


hiya again

sounds like tn and u would be wise to follow tinas suggestions…

if ice pack isnt helping try warm cloth instead-confuses the messages sometimes gets relief

ellie x

Hi Anna,

My first introduction to MS was Trigeminal Neuralgia the pain goes down the side of my face across my lower jaw and under my nose. I take gabapentin which usually keeps the pain under control once you get the doseage right.

I too thought it was my teeth but the MRI showed it was coming from the Trigeminal nerves. It is worth asking to see the neuro to get the correct diagnosis.

Good luck with it and hope you get it sorted out soon.

Juanle. x

“Tooth” in the name is a complete red herring. It’s because it was named after the discoverers, one of whom was a Mr. (or Dr.) Tooth.


Hi all, Well I returned to my dentist and explained that I didn’t think it was the tooth but possibly NT , I was met with " did we self diagnose from the Internet, I have been a dentist for 35 years and only seen 2 cases " my response at such a sentence was " we’ll congratulations I may be your third" I let him continue , so after bashing my teeth with no reaction , then pumping cold water on the teeth, no reaction…he then sat up,and almost had ago at me that there was a chance I was right … He still wanted to remove the tooth. But I wouldn’t let him as I didn’t see a point … Spoke to my nurse today hadn’t even got half the story out before she said it sounds like a TN … The went to Gp , same thing started describing the pains , he agreed it sounds like a TN … But as I have used my amitriptyline and that seems to be reducing the pain… We agreed to see how that went over the weekend … As the other drug ( begins with a c ) can cause fatigue and I’m on amantadine to stop that … The temptation to walk in to my dentist and have ago was overwhelming tonight , but I took the high ground … Thank you all for you messages and advice xAnnax

Hi Anna,

I would say it’s not quite self-diagnosis, if it’s a pretty common symptom of a condition you already know you’ve got!

In someone with no known neurological issues, I would say it’s a bit of a leap, but in someone with a confirmed dx of MS, where nothing could be found wrong with the tooth…???

Which is the more likely? That it’s a common feature of the disease you know you’ve got, or that the tooth needs removing, even though there’s no evidence of anything wrong with it? Tsk!

I s’pose your dentist does know you’ve got MS, and doesn’t think you’re just researching this stuff randomly?

I know “self diagnosis”, as he calls it, isn’t infallible, but if I suddenly developed impaired vision and/or eye pain, I’d think there’s a very good chance I’ve got optic neuritis, bearing in mind my existing MS diagnosis. Similarly, if I developed severe facial pain, I’d suspect TN before my teeth! In both cases, I might be wrong, but it’s hardly wild speculation, when you already know there’s something wrong with you, is it?



Hey Tina, I told my nurse about what happened and she was shocked …I might contact Pals about it… I am defiantly going to move dentists. The more and more I have been thinking about it the more its made me angry … I would have loved for it to have just been the tooth it came out job done. Rather than sitting here worn out from pain… Tired , worn down,and exhausted… Ah well , at least it’s the bank holiday … Hopefully a few days rest will make it ease up … xAx