Toothace, MS related?

Hi all

This is my first post. For the last week I have been experiencing toothache, the tooth in question has had some work done on it back in 2010, I am very good with flossing etc. so there should be nothing wrong with it. My dentist cleaned it up on Thursday and said he will do an x-ray tonight it that doesn’t clear it up. It hasn’t… so I wondered if it might be MS related? I have been taking pain killers which do seem to work but I can’t keep taking them indefinately.

Thanks in advance for any replies.


Tooth pain can be trigeminal neuralgia caused by the MS, its a nerve pain in the face and jaw and can mimic toothache,people have healthy teeth removed thinking the tooths the reason for the pain,only to find that after the toothe is removed the pain is still there,so be carefull.

i have had it a few times, i find a hot water bottle on the jaw can help.

jaki xx

I agree with Jaki don’t have the tooth out unless your dentists is SURE it is the cause of your pain.

Meanwhile a trip to your GP is in order, There are quite a few drugs that are helpful with trigeminal neuralgia (if that is what it is) TN is a comon MS symtom



I agree with your previous replies HOWEVER I did have 2 teeth removed because the pain was excrutiating and it did solve the problem. Be guided by your dentist-he/she is the expert.

Hope you find a solution that suits u soon.

Ellie x

Hi all

Thanks for your replies. I had an x-ray done last night and my dentist could not find anything wrong. I do get the pain in the face as well. I will get a GP appointment and see if I can get some help. I did read up online at the weekend and one poor women had 3 teeth out, ouch!!


yes its always best not to put everything down to the ms,best to get it checked by both the dentist and the dr,its an awful pain hope it goes off for you.

jaki xx

thanks Jaki

Oh really hope Copaxone does not cause teeth probelms, this is what I will be on when the funding comes through. I have enough fillings I really don’t want anymore.