Trigeminal neuralgia

Hi folks - hope everyone is well - i have trigeminal neuralgia in my upper right jaw and teeth, going up into my right eye - wow it can be so painful - popped a couple of neurofen this morning and it has eased a bit - any tips guys?

Hello Redman, have you had a look at They may have some tips.

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Don’t assume that it’s MS. I had TN last year which turned out to be a chipped tooth. See your dentist, just in case. Anthony

I was getting that face pain and my consultant put me on Gabapentin which for the last year has been doing the trick but the last couple of days it’s been back. It’s really painful and I can’t tell if it’s nerve pain, toothache or sinus pain, therefore I don’t know what to do now, sitting in the corner crying isn’t helping, that much I have worked out !!!

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Hi Lucy Annie,

I’ve recently gone through a very painful experience myself too so I totally understand how you’re feeling and it all started off with a bit of toothache but ended up triggering Facial Neuralgia - the pain was excruciating and I was almost climbing the walls.

I had an extremely painful jaw and teeth which meant I couldn’t eat properly, I also had earache and problems with my left eye and I was having facial spasms too and it basically affected all the left side of my face.

I saw my Dentist (and also contacted my MS Nurse) it turned out that I had an infection under a tooth which was treated with antibiotics but unfortunately I ended up having to have the tooth removed (even more pain) and also by this time an abscess had formed further round my mouth which was also treated by the antibiotics… and all this triggered the Facial Neuralgia.

I do suggest (as did Anthony) that you contact your Dentist, it isn’t always MS but it can end up triggering MS symptoms :frowning:

I hope my ramberling might help!!!

Take Care.

Twinkle Toes x

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Thanks for that Twinkle Toes

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Thanks guys - it has settled down well thankfully - i have had it checked it out previously at denstist and all was well with that end of things…but i appreciate the amswers - the pain was something else…