Pain in top jaw/teeth??

Hi everyone, Hope you are all well. I have been having pain in my top jaw and teeth for over a week, it does not feel like tooth ache as eating and drinking doesn’t seem to make it worse. It’s when I walk or talk that it seems to cause me discomfort. I feel like my teeth are rattling around in my head. Painkillers of all types seem to have no effect. I am not in agony but am very uncomfortable. I have got an appointment with the dentist first thing on Friday morning just to make sure it’s not a dental problem. Just wondering if anyone else has had anything like this and was it MS related and of you got any treatment for it? Thanks, Charlene

Charlene, it could probably be one of many things causing your pain, but there is one condition that relates to MS called Trigeminal Neuralgia, or TN. I’ve had this and it’s agony. I’m not saying it’s what you’ve got as I’m not a medic, and I don’t think what you’re describing is quite the same as I had, but have a read about it here…

I’m guessing your dentist knows you have MS, so mention it to him/her.

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it might be Trigeminal Neuralgia or it could be even your sinuses that are infected, that can happen when you have had a bad cold, and can affect your upper teeth.

Thanks Ben and Mrsj for your comments. I can’t wait to go see the dentist in the morning ( never thought I would say that lol) I really don’t think it is a dental problem but just need to make sure then I will go to the doctors if I get the all clear from the dentist. I am knackered with it, I feel soo worn out with it. Hopefully I will get answers soon x