Dental Tooth pain - :-( TN?

I have had a row of 5 teeth on my front left side hurting like crazy on and off for months, think ‘ice pick in the face and teeth’ pain level, appears when I eat or drink. I gave birth with no drugs, not even gas and air, so I thought I could take pain but this is something else.

So far:

  • Dentist xrayed and examined teeth and said they are fine. They are the front teeth and do look healthy, white and strong. I use sensodyne and it doesn’t really help.
  • GP thought perhaps sinus infection without much exmination. It’s not a sinus infection as I didn’t even have a cold at the time.
  • Neurologist said perhaps Trigeminal Neuralgia !

I am not diagnosed with MS, still waiting for my MRI in January.

However this pain is so unbearable that I can’t eat or drink sometimes. I am breastfeeding so getting a bit dehydrated too.

Also, I can’t believe it’s not in my teeth as it feels like super extreme sensitive teeth. These teeth also ‘tingle’ and ‘ache’ in between attacks of intense pain. Cold air can set them off too. Could it be some tooth damage not detectable by xray and not TN?

Does anyone have any advice on management? I am struggling a bit with it. I know TN is a symptom of MS, but not sure of any diagnosis yet. But could definitely be TN, advice on that would be good.


Anyone have any experience with Trigeminal Neuralgia?

I keep thinking it’s tooth pain but my partner thinks I am in denial about it all - apparently I keep attributing my neurological symptoms to other causes. I am not diagnosed with MS, but the neurologist who I saw last month said I may have ‘inflammation of the central nervous system’ and will have an MRI in January. So I am not sure what is going on with my body or what it all means.

Unfortunately, I have a constant tingle and ache in the ‘roots’ of two teeth and along my cheek/the roots of some other upper teeth and ibuprofen isn’t helping, so I guess it’s definitely not dental :frowning:

I can’t eat anything remotely cold, only body temperature drinks. Otherwise it sets off the shooting sensitivity in my teeth and face. It’s becoming quite hard to find food or drink at the right temperature. It makes my other symptoms seem pretty mild.

I have had horrible bouts of TN but my pain is always in right ear and jaw not teeth thankfully. I have never had pain like it and it lasts for days, I live in fear of the next bout. After a week of the worst pain ever and no sleep I got to see my neuro and TN was diagnosed, neuro gave me carbamazepine and that calmed it down, I now take a maintenance dose so hopefully that will keep it away. If it is TN get it treated quickly.

I don’t have personal experience with TN, but you may find the NHS information quite useful: Trigeminal neuralgia - NHS or see for more MS related information.


Thanks for the advice everyone! Spoken to a GP but they won’t give me anything as I’m still breast feeding my little one and want to wait until after my MRI before doing much else.

It comes and goes, for days at a time then disappears. It’s never lasted thing long before though, but has faded a bit today. It’s less sharp and now a dull ache.

Hopefully it will be gone a bit more before Christmas

You say your pain occurs when you eat or drink.

I have PPMS and I developed TN last year. However I worked out that it always happened about half an hour after I’d cleaned my teeth.

I reasoned the menthol in toothpaste was irritating the nerve. It took that long to migrate through the dentine before it reached a nerve.

I went to a dentist and he found a small chip on a molar where the the menthol was getting through.



I have been to the dentist 4 times since April, and I keep getting told my teeth are fine. It’s so horrible isn’t it. Good that you found a trigger though!

Mine is triggered by anything even slightly cold touching my teeth on my upper left side. It’s a bit getter today. I just ate a banana (not even that cold!) and it triggered a slight burning pain in my gum and sensitivity in two teeth.

It’s more like a deep ache today too, so no pain free time but the pain doesn’t ‘spike’ so badly.

It seems to migrate from one tooth to another! All along the left row.

I have weeks with no pain/sensitivity.

Is it normal for these things to come and go?

My brother’s dentist said this was the weirdest thing ever. My brother had been having serious jaw pain for weeks and he said his back teeth hurt like hell. He thought he was getting in his wisdom teeth because he had never noticed this particular tooth before, and the gums around it were really inflamed. Made sense to him - the tooth was just breaking through the skin. Then it got infected. His gums swelled up and he said his mouth always tasted like chicken soup. He went to his dentist (like a month or more after the pain started) and the dentist was shocked. Because it’s not a wisdom tooth. It’s a chunk of chicken bone. My brother thinks he’s getting his wisdom teeth when it turns out it’s not a tooth, but a rogue chicken bone.

I feel sorry that you had to endure such pain. I hope you were able to cope with this disease. When my sister was pregnant, she did not have a recurrent toothache. She did some tests, but the results were acceptable. Of the pills, she was given only vitamins. From time to time, my sister liked to read various forums. At one of them, she came across a discussion about how to cope with a toothache. She was advised to to study the information in more detail. Thank God she managed with this pain. But after giving birth, she went for a complete examination to check her health. Take care of yourself!