Throbbing teeth/gums

I have constant throbbing of my teeth/gums at the moment. It is not painful but is driving me nuts!!!

Can anyone tell me if this is related to my ms? I have had it for 6 months.

It is not a dental problem. I have neuralgia in my right arm but my G.P. said it was not related to that but did not give me any other explanation either. To be honest i think my G.P thinks its all in my mind!!

I had the flu in December 2010 and have been struggling since then. I am on Rebif and i know it sounds strange but feel i have never fully got rid of the flu - either that or the rebif is holding it in. My neuro said the flu effects were not from the rebif as i have been on it for 6 years and have not had these symptoms before.

I know these are unusual symptoms but they are really getting me down and i feel constantly ill.

Any thoughts/ideas would be welcome.

Best Wishes

Teresa, x


This does sound - to me - as Trigeminal Neuralgia. l suffered with it - off and on - for years. The pain also was in my ear. My GP -sent me to ENT specialists for ‘ghastly’ tests. They could not find any reason for it - and they did not know that it was a MS symptom. Neither did l at the time. lt became so severe, at times, that l felt almost suicidal. Nothing would relieve the pain. l have been taking ldn for 3yrs now - and l have not had TN since taking it. Co-incidence - could be. Anyway, fingers crossed that it does not return. Before being dx with ms l did have a nasty bout of shingles - and that was in my mouth/gums on my right side - l had been sent to the dental hospital - as my dentist did not know what was causing the problem. Luckilly, the dental hospital did diagnose shingles. l lost a lot of weight as l could not eat - or feel like eating.

l thought l had some terrible gum disease and would end up losing my teeth.

You could mention to your GP - that we pwms - are subject to TN.

Hope this helps


Thankyou Frances,

I did wander about TN but most people on here complain of severe pain of which i have not got. I have however lost my appetite and dont feel like eating. I also feel sick most of the time.

I have had a relapse before when i couldn’t eat and lost loads of weight which made me feel really ill, so this time i have been determined to keep eating. The problem this time is that i have eaten convenience food because of my lack of interest in food and have put on a stone!! one extreme to another!!

I have been looking into LDN and have had some advice here on that so it could be a possibility. I know some people combine both drugs (REBIF+LDN) but at the moment i am still unsure until i have researched it a bit more.

I dont think i am in relapse and have been on rebif for 6 years which i have done really well on.

Thankyou so much, i think the TN is very possible.

best wishes

Teresa. x

I understand.

My gums and teeth throb often ,but usually dont notice it unless in coach potato mode. I also find when its worse that ive got my teeth tightly clamped together at the back and have to conciously relax my jaw, the gums then throb in a proper pulsating way.

Its weird but ive never mentioned it before as I just took it as another sensory pain,and unlike you it doesnt put me off food or make me feel ill.

Another trip to the gp for you me thinks.

All the best


Thanks Pip for your reply.

I am not going mad after all!! lol!!

The thoughts of going back to see my G.P. fills me with dread and i avoid him as much as possible. He looks at me very strangely (i think he thinks i am insane!). I have only seen him twice in seven years and i come out of the surgery feeling like an idiot!!

Best wishes

Teresa. x

Ahh I get aching gums n teeth.

Usaly when I wake in the mornings.I put it down to spasms and body stiffness through the night.


Thanks JellyBean (Charlie)

Its nice to know i’m not on my own! The only trouble is that this is constant for me at the moment and after 6 months i am getting to the end of my tether with it!

Teresa. x

Hi Teresa.

I know its annoying and especialy when you eat,I feel my mouth is how can I say it,tired and struggle to chew my food.I dont notice it so much until I start to eat.

I dont know if a gum shield made by your dentist would help.If the cause is similar to mine.

Its worth thinking about or asking the dentist.


Hi Snapper

Thanks for your thoughts. Never really thought of sinus problems!

would i need antibiotics for this? or would it go by itself?

Teresa. x

Hi all

In the last two weeks i keep thinking i have toothache in several teeth, i’m so confused as this is all new to me!

Don’t know wot to do? should i go see my dentist ? or just wait to see my neuro consultant ?


lf you are worried it might be teeth or sinuses - probably your dentist is the best persont to see. They can straightaway x-ray them. From the x-ray they can see if their is a problem. l recently had to have a upper-back molar out as l had toothache. My dentist - after x-raying my mouth - did say that it was infected - and the root was very close to a ‘sinus’ - so she had to be very careful not to make a whole in the sinus when pulling out the tooth. She x-rayed again afterwards to make sure it was OK. Most dentists will ‘fit’ you in very quickly. Not like waiting for your GP to refer you to a ENT specialist.

And if it is an infection - the dentist can prescribe anti-biotics.