Achy teeth....daft I know!!

Oh my days…

The last 24 hours have been getting increasingly worse.

my teeth are aching like mad on the left

Chrondoitis (excuse spelling) rib pain is s**t

vision blurry on left

numb toes on left

serious fatigue


and just generally pee’d off

Does aching teeth resonate with anyone else???

What should I do next? Anything or nothing?

Signing off

Misserable Mandymoo


Hey Mandymoo x I had aching, painful teeth when my jaw was spasming recently - only the back ones though x now the spasming has stopped the aching has too x

The other time I get aching teeth is if I’m going in for something like the flu!!! Sounds odd but my hubby is the same!!

Suddenly all my teeth start to ache & hurt - when it happens you can guarantee I’ll go down with something within 24hrs!!!

The only other time I’ve had it is when I go on holidays and get hot & dehydrated - I was told that ‘teeth ache’ is a strong sign you need fluids x

Hope you are feeling a little less miserable today x chin up, stand fast & carry on!!! xxxxjenxxx

Hi Mandymoo

I have had aching teeth/gums/side of face for months. It is driving me crazy. It is not painful. I posted about it a little while ago and a couple of people suggested it was TN.

I have felt ill for 18 months now and have re-occuring flu symptoms. I had flu in Dec 2010 and have not felt well since. I am on rebif.

I have spoken to my gp about it and he said ‘you are a person who worries about having ms’

My neuro said it is not possible to have re-occuring flu symptoms and it had nothing to do with rebif as i had been on it for over 6 years.

I therefore sit here thinking ‘what is it then?’

I will be interested to see what other replies you get and i hope your symptoms improve soon.

Sorry i can’t be of any help but i can sympathise

Teresa. x

Hi Mandymoo

I can understand teeth pain. I’ve been battling with severe eye pain and head and face pain on L over the last week as well as my leg and arm going numb and tingly again. Initially thought I might have ON as my vision felt a little like I was looking through a glass but this is all clear. I even went to the dentist in case it to do with some dental work I had done but no. I think I might have trigeminal neuralgia too as I do often get bouts of stabbing stinging pain in the same eye anyway.

In terms of teeth and flu I always get bad teeth ache when I get a cold as I have sensitive teeth anyway.

Are you under a neurologist? If so and these symptoms are getting worse maybe it’s wise to contact there secretary to let them know. If you’re not under a neuro I’d advise you go to the GP - lots of things can cause face/dental pain (sinusitis/dental abcess/ TN etc etc). Oh and if you haven’t seen a dentist recently maybe see a dentist too just to make sure it isn’t something localised.

Good luck



I just typed a response of thanks and an update that has exhausted me only to find that it didn’t post!

Sometimes it just feels like everything is against you

Anyway…thanks guys for your responses, your amazing!



thank god someone else has this weird symptom!!! ive been suffering with achy teeth for days amongst other things like pain legs and arms and a tight band feeling around my right arm! your not alone sweet!! xxxxxxx Poppy xxxxxxx

I get this usually on the right had side and often combined with eye pain, blurred vision, dentist said teeth are fine, optician said I don’t have ON. I mentioned it to my mum who has MS and she says she gets this had has been told it’s neuralgia.

Not sure if this helps you all at all but I thought I’d mention it :slight_smile:

hi everyone

i have just joined this site even though i was diagnosed with primary progressive ms over 2 years ago


my teeth are driving me nuts. they don’t hurt and there is no sharp pains. it is just as if all my teeth are on edge. i went to the dentist who is a family friend and he had looked up about it before seeing me. he said to go by the rule of if they all hurt its ms if one hurts go and see him.

my question is…why, why does ms affect my teeth. it comes and goes but has been really annoying for the last two days

thanks and blessings jane

Hi, the other Mandymoo!

Been having some severe toothache for about 2 weeks now. Teeth are in bad condition so, thought it was just that. I swear they’re all on there way out! Got a severe dental phobia so, you can understand my issue. Not just me - great! Will research further. Thankyou!!!