Wisdom Teeth


Im off to have two wisdom teeth out on wednesday and as like most im scared of dentists so i went to my doctor last week to see if there was anything i could take to calm me down before hand. She has given me some diazepam. Im just wondering if anyone else has ever had any experience of taking these with ms? Obviously she thinks its ok else she wouldnt have prescribed them, im just a little worried.



Diazepam are ok to take when you have ms, they are a mild sedative and will relax you, i take them from time to time, like when i go to the dentist,because i get all wound up, having to sit there for any length of time,i also take them for my ms, they are good, when you have muscle spasms, i would only take them now and then though because after a few weeks you can become addicted to them.

good luck at the dentist.

jaki xx

Hi Kelly,

Totally agree with Jaki,some good advice there.

Hope all goes well at the dentist.

Take Care.


hi kelly,

i was given diazepam for the same reason, it was before i even realised i had ms, but i’d been ignoring symptoms. i found them really effective, but if you’re anything like me you’ll need someone big enough to ‘steer’ you supervising. i remember very little about the drive TO the dentist and even less about going home again, mind you the dentist had to give me enough other meds to knock out a hippo! i’d DEFINATELY take diazepam again to go for something big at the dentist.

take care,

wendy x

Thanks everyone, was just abit worried about the diazepam as ive never taken anything like that before, i no i will probably be fine, its just the fear of the un known i suppose, wednesday can not come and go quick enough. I will let you no how I get on.

On the plus side i start yoga thursday night so least i have that to look forward to