Hoooooray got the oral biopsy done !!

Had it done at 10.30 this morning,it only took 20 minutes from start to finish,had 2 stitches ,and can honsetly say it wasnt bad at all,so i am annoyed with myself for stressing,i do it every time.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend, its such a nice sunny day again here in west yorkshire.

love J x


Well done Mrs J I have been thinking of you and wondering how it went, so glad its all went well.

I think the thought of it is usually worse than the actual procedure, and there’s a lot of us like you, in getting worked up about having things done, so please don’t be cross with yourself, give yourself a well deserved treat.

Have a good weekend now it’s done.

Pam x

Thanks Pam, they were not joking when they said it would be sore for a few days,i have just tried eating a little cake and cant open my mouth far enough it hurt that much,oh well i need to loose weight anyway,but i am sure i will manage chocolate that will slip down

J x

Well done!!!

Pat xx

Well done Mrs J, im glad you survived it, we were all worrying for you.

Enjoy your chocolate

Michelle and Frazer xx

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Thanks Michelle,yes i survived lol…it wasnt half as bad as i imagined,but then it never is,so why oh why do i get myself into such a state give Frazer a big pat from me…


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Well done hope the results are good.

Jan x

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Well done Mrs J,

I’m so pleased it’s all done and dusted…I’ve been wondering how it went but had trouble logging on to the forum!

Hope the forum gremlins aren’t back again!

I really hope you can have a nice calm weekend …mentally, if not physically! Can you take paracetamol to ease it?

Take care,

Nina xx

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Hi Nina

Strange you say that about the forum, I couldn’t get on it yesterday until late evening, so perhaps those pesky gremlins have just been hibernating!

I thought perhaps I had missed a post from. Admin saying it was closed for updates… But if you also had problems, that can’t have been the case.

Take care

Pam x

Did anyone else get that email from MS Society saying there had been a security problem on the site? I think it was on the ‘contact us’ bit.

I sometimes have problems getting on but I think yesterday it might have been because of that problem.

Pat xx

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Hi Pat

Yes, I received it telling us to change our password, but I couldn’t get on the site, so thinking about it, it may well all have been connected.

Have a good weekend.

Pam x

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XXX glad it was OK


Thanks Jan,they told me it doesnt look sinister,i will get results in a few weeks.

J x

Thank you Nina, been taking ex strong painkillers.but they may as well be smarties,i can start salt water mouthwash today so i think that will ease it,i have also got a nasty cold too which isnt helping.

J x

Thanks Don,hope you are ok


Glad that is over for you MrsJ - With all the things we go through it does make us a bit braver. Makes you wonder why we get so worked up about it.

Your experience will help any of us who find we are in the same situation.

l have had total hip and knee replacement - in the last two years. And multi-function lens replacement in both eyes. But still hate having my teeth cleaned and polished. And have to look away when l have a blood test done.

Hi Jackie, delighted it’s all over and looking so positive. I also had problems with the site yesterday and I received the email about the security issue. Hope the pain fades quickly.

ann x

thanks SJ my other half is having his left hip replaced on 16 th december.i dont know why but he always gets in the private hospitals paid by the NHS,hes had 2 shoulder ops and bunions done in the past few years,

i get so annoyed as once they sent him to sheffield they paid for a private taxi there and back,and they treat him like royalty,he even had a menu for meals and coffee and biscuits on silver trays ??? whats all that about i ask.its a standing joke at ours,i am forever rolling my eyes and telling him its all right for some lol.hes such a jammy b****r

when he plays golf he picks the loveliest weather,it can be gloomy and dark but when its time to tee off the sun always comes out…you couldnt make it up lol .

J x

Thanks Ann,so relieved its over with,but these stitches are driving me nuts,it feels like i have got some popcorn kernel stuck in my throat,i suppose i will get used to the feeling though.

J x

Sounds like your greedy husband is having your share of Good Luck. Two of my friends have had their ‘knees’ done - at a local private hospital - on the NHS. And as you say - lovely food - en-suite room etc. l did get put into a side-room on my own - but that was because they considered me to be ‘At Risk’ - that’s for falling. Another friend is waiting to go in for a hip replacement - and she asked to go to a private hospital and her GP’s receptionist has organised it - and she can choose when to go. This is also on the NHS.

Now l have been STUPID!!! Daren’t tell my daughter - l sent for a free sample of face cream - that was supposed to do miracles with wrinkles… Today l received two parcels with more pots of face and eye cream in. l still have the original which l ordered back in July - l did not like the feel of it and had gone back to using Olay skin care. Looking on my bank statement l have been scammed - they have taken two lots of £89-95 from me. Looked on the web - and yes it is a scam - so l will ring them tomorrow as it is too late to-day - and l will get to the bank on Monday and make sure they cancel it. l did not sign up for direct debit etc. They were supposed to just charge me for the postage. l bet l have lost that money though. l feel such a numpty. l am not usually easily duped. This has really annoyed me - so much l will probably get more wrinkles!!!

So beware all - no such thing as a ‘free trial’.