so worried

I am really ,really worried about a wart type thing i have found in my mouth, its on the sort of archway to the throat,i am due at the dentist 2 weeks today,for a check up and my dr said to mention it to him,when i showed the dr it she said it didnt look sinister,so i wasnt too worried,but its got a bit bigger this last few weeks,and i am getting really upset,thinking its cancer and i am petrified of what the dentist will say, i think he will send me for a biopsy on it,i am one of those people that always think the worst with anything like this,why cant i think to myself that it will be ok,instead of going into a panic.

J x

Oh bless you, try not to worry too much, it’s probably an ulcer or something.

My husband actually got sent to the hospital by his dentist a few years ago. He got sent away from that appointment with a clean bill of health and they didn’t understand why the dentist had wasted his/their time like that. My point is that these things come along and frighten the life out of us when it might be nothing sinister at all. I also know someone that had oral cancer as a child, he has a lot of metalwork in his mouth but he’s in his 40’s now

Take care and try your best to take a deep breath and relax, stress is not good to MS.

Good luck and let us now how you get on

Sonia x

Hiya j like Sonia said try and not stress , can you not get in to see your dentist any sooner? , I have a lump that comes up on the roof of my mouth along with ulcers on my gums when I’m stressed, I panicked at first like yourself but now know it’s my body’s weird way of Letting me know to slow , so try and not worry xx Sue

Oh Mrs J try not the stress as it will trigger off your MS symptoms.

You are doing the right thing by having it checked out (((((hugs))))

Let us know how you get on, take care.

Pam x

went to the dentist at 2 today had an emergancy appt, he said he hasnt a clue wot it is,so hes refered me to the dental hospital for a biopsy,i have to go back in 2 weeks for a tooth extraction,too,thats nothing to do with this lump,and i have double stress now, as i have never had a tooth out with a local i have always been knocked out,but this time i am just having a local, i am trying not to get stressed but i cant help it,wish i knew how not to.

i am being such a baby over it i know,dont know which i am more upset about ,the biopsy or the tooth extraction .

J x

Mrs J, I’ve had fillings and extractions by local and I’d choose extraction any day of the week. It’s MUCH easier than fillings. Very quick actually and you don’t feel a thing.

I think that the rate this thing has grown in your throat makes it highly unlikely to be cancer. Cancer tends to grow at slower rate which is why it’s often not detected early.

BUT the main thing to remember, whatever it is, it’s been found very early!!! If it had been inside your body somewhere you wouldn’t have known it was there. So I think it’s most likely to be something benign which they can easily remove.

I really feel for you though because I know how worrying these things are and especially when you have been so stressed out anyway!

Thinking of you and sending (((((((((((hugs))))))))))))

I hope you get the hospital appointment quickly so you can get it sorted and put it behind you.

Pat xx

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Thanks Pam, Sue,and Sonia,and Pat

i have calmed down a bit (for now) lol,i seem to panic and worry for so long then i get fed up of myself

Pat my friends the same as you she said she prefers to have an extraction to a filling any day,so that helps to put my mind at ease,a bit, i think its because ive never had one out before with a local.i suppose i will be coming on in a few weeks telling you all i had got myself worked up for nothing thanks for the hugs too,they have helped too,will keep you informed about the biopsy.

J x


Glad you got the referral, good luck and keep us updated

Sonia x


Good Luck Mrs J,

I’m glad you have an appointment at the dental hospital…I do hope it turns out to be nothing serious.

Thinking of you,

Nina x


lf your dentist thought it looked - in anyway ‘sinister’ he would have sent you straightaway for further investigations. l can only repeat what others have said - and yes - an extraction is easier than a filling. lt will be out in no time. And the suspicious ‘thingy’ might have gone by then.

Thanks SJ for the reassurance i am such a baby when it comes to the dentist.i would rather give birth with no pain relief,of which i did twice lol.

J x

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