Thanks to all you lovely wonderfull people (You know who you are)

Hello from Jane.

Had the tube down yesterday (Thursday).

Things on that subject they are happy with. Just have to have my neck scanned re the two lumps that i thought i only have one. Ive just a sore throat today. Looking forward to jelly and ice cream. I talk like i have swallowed a load of gritt. Any way to all of you that sent me PMs and otherwise i must give you all a very big thankyou.

Jane xxxxxxxxxxxx

Glad you’re doing okay Jane. The idea of many of these tests are much worse than the reality most of the time. Enjoy your ice cream.

Cath xx

Hi Jane

Glad you are OK, time to rest now and eat yummy ice cream.

Take care

Pam x❇

Yah Jelly & ICE CREAM your spoit. Hope your feeling OK


Glad it went well, hope you enjoyed the jelly and ice cream. Nina x

Glad all went well Jane. Jelly and ice cream…mmmmmmmm Pat xx