update on my road to diagnosis


Just heard back from the neuro who i went to see for a second opinion. He has identified 2 lesions of an inflammatory nature on my brain also multiple short spinal lesions. He wants me to have a further mri on my spine as the images where of a poor quality.

I was getting anxious waiting for this letter especially with no post over the Easter break. Now i have it i feel relieved and alot further on in my journey.

If this does turn out to be MS maybe due to my age and no relapses…I suspect it will be PPMS.

Thanks to all of you for listening to me go on about my endless odd and ever changing symptoms. However these odd symptoms are now making alot of sense…i now understand the term the snowflake disease.

Thanks Christine


Glad it arrived before the weekend. Have a good weekend now and dont eat to many Easter eggs



Thanks Don,

I buy chocolate, put it in the fridge and forget to eat it.

Hope you have a peaceful Easter.



Glad you’ve had some news Christine…one step closer to diagnosis.

But what really concerns me to a great degree is that you can put chocolate in the fridge and forget to eat it. I definitely think you need to see a specialist for this. It is not natural…in fact I would say it is most unnatural and very worrying indeed!

Please ask for referral to see a Chocolate Amnesia Specialist ASAP! Sorry to worry you but the situation is critical.

Pat xx


Hi Pat,

I think my grown up children would agree with you. They go the fridge and say do you know you have a bar of chocolate from a couple of weeks ago. I tell then i will eat it later, so its either let there or they take it. Im not quite the same with a bag of crisps though. But on the whole i go for savoury rather than sweet.



Hello Christine, I’m so pleased that you are getting some answers, not that you want bad news but the relief to be out of limbo land would be good.

Michelle x


Thanks Michelle, I feel a sense of relief already, at least i know in not all in my head.

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Hi Christine

Glad your letter has arrived before the Easter break, you can eat your chocolate now. How you can leave it in the fridge is beyond me lol mine keeps calling my name, so I have no choice but to eat it!

Enjoy your Easter.

Pam x

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Hi, if the lesions are inflammatory in nature then RRMS is more likely I think. Lesions can be seen in PPMS but they tend not to be inflammatory. If they are inflammatory they steriods may work for you and then you wouldnt be PPMS.

Moyna x

I do eat some of the strangest things…a potted meat sandwich in a current breadcake, toast without butter…

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Hi Moyna, I didnt know that, infact theres lots i dont know about ms…hopefully soon i wil have a fuller picture.

Hi Christine.pleased you got the letter before Easter,one step nearer now,my diagnosis came as a relief in many ways.

I wish i could leave chocolate like you can,if i hav any in the house it calls my name until its all gone lol.

J x

Hi mrsJ

Feeling emotional today, dont know whats wrong with me keep going from tearful to angry. Dont think chocolate will help but quite like the thought of steak and chips.

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Hi Christine, this is onward and upwards, but what annoys me is how come this guy can see these lesions but the other doctor couldnt. It makes me so mad. xxx

P.S. I have a box of maltesers for 3 weeks now and havent opened them yet lol, i know when i do they will all be gone in about 3 minutes lol. xx


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Hi Crazychick,

The neuro worded it by saying there was one very clear lesion and a further one. It annoys me also that for years i had been going to the previous neuro. I have a follow up appointment with him in april but i wont be going. I cant trust myself to stay calm.

When you open your maltesers hope you enjoy them and Happy Easter to you also.


Christine I hope these new findings finally give you a definite diagnosis. Limbo is such a cruel and depressing place to be. MS isn’t the easiest illness to live with and if you do get the dx you’ll probably find that your emotions will be all over the place for a good while, even though you suspect you have it. Despite the ups and downs though, having a dx is a huge relief, at least then you get the help and support that is available for people with it.

Enjoy your Easter and fingers crossed you get the rest of the answers soon.

Cath x


Thank Cath,I think it will be a huge relief in the end. At the moment im going from this must be ms to no it cant be because i dont have alot of muscle spasms or whatever symptoms i dont have.Or if i have a good day then im convinced its nothing, almost expecting a progression daily. I guess this is the pressure of living in limbo.

Thanks for all your help Christine

Dont you know about the law, Christine?

Its easter.....its compulsory to eat chocolate that`s within your household.

Part 2 of this law says, you MUST go and buy chocolate if you have none available.

Chocolate Sheriff Pollxx

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I have clearly got something wrong with me, i have been telling the doctors for years. Not only did they miss the lesions but they missed the all important flaw in my makeup that i forget to eat chocolate and more importantly i forget to eat it at Easter.

Does this mean i need to join another site to talk about my resistance to chocolate?

Thanks Sheriff for your reminder

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lol didnt know we had the chocolate police on the forum.

J x