Even my teeth hurt

My GP visited today and when she asked any pain anywhere I told her even my teeth hurt.

I took a mouthful of squash earlier and it hurt my teeth. She has sorted different painkillers stopped the antibiotics and I have the district nurse coming for bloods. I still feel awful and now I have got a very noisey air mattress on the bed. Our daughter popped in tonight and helped Heather put it on the bed, l don’t want bedsores as well.


Aww Don. All I can offer you is virtual ((((((hugs)))))) I really do feel for you. Xx

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Hi Don, I honestly think you might start feeling better now you’ve stopped the antibiotics. I think it sounds like you had a really bad reaction to them.

Sending you big ((((((((hugs)))))))) and really hope things pick up today.

Hang on in there Don!

Pat xx

Hopefully Don when the anti biotics are out of your system, you will pick up.


Pam x

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Hi Don, hopefully the worst has passed. Look after yourself,

ann x

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Hugs and coming your way Don, hope you pick up soon.

Jan x

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Thanks Jan so do I last time it was like this I ended up in hospital