ENT probs advice wanted pls

Would really appreciate if anyone can advise me on two problems I am worried about. Firstly, I am scared of having dental treatment because I have intermittent neuralgia , do injections affect the nerves that cause neuralgia? Secondly, I have persistent throat and post nasal catarrh, it rarely moves and feels scary when it’s near my windpipe , have tried endless remedies to no avail, my sinuses appear clear and am not unwell otherwise. Any advice welcome!!

Hi Wanda.

Hate seeing a post go unanswered, so will try my best to help.

Are you due to go to the dentists soon?

As for the rest of your problems,it is best to talk with the profesionals,Doc,Den,Nuoro,MS nurse,anyone that will listen.

You are not giving much away from you profile,as that can help sometimes.

Hope you find the answers that you need.

Take Care.


Thanx for replying chris, I’m due for ccheck up n poss filling and am really scared injections may leave nerves damaged or permanently numb, it’s because I get regular trigeminal neuralgia n am scared to interfere with it all. Does that make sense?? And the post nasal thing is a nightmare, I know anxiety wont be helping but I’m just desparate to find a cure or some way of alleviating the awful catarrh and feeling of choking it causes at times .am dx rrms but wouldn’t be surprised if am spms, am lucky that don’t have too disabling symptoms and feel a fraud moaning and asking for help.


You are not a fraud.

We all need help from time to time,and if you cant have a moan here and ask for help,then you would just bottle it all up,and end up getting frustratied.

Still try and ask people,just to put your mind at ease.

You Take Care.


I have TN and shared your concerns about dentists visits.

They were unfounded however. I have had injections and work done on that side of my mouth to no ill effects.

Dentists are usually well versed with TN and willl be able to put your mind at rest.

As to your diagnosis of rr or sp - it really doesn’t matter, it’s just a name - try not to worry because it won’t change anything.

And as to moaning - this is Moan Central where you can let rip with your fears and concerns without the ramifications of hurting your nearest and dearest, someone will always be able to help.