ENT problems

Hi everyone, hope some of you kind people might be able to give me some advice. I am wondering whether sinus and post nasal catarrh problems can be associated with or caused by ms? I’ve had sinus problems for as long as I can remember and post nasal catarrh for last few years. The post nasal stuff can be truly awful at times, sore throats coughs constant throat clearing and worst of all swallow fatigue . It causes anxiety increase and its possibly caused by anxiety increase??? seems like a vicious circle and its really getting me down. Have had ENT appt and exam and nothing untoward is going on other than over active and ? allergic mucosa. Nasal sprays and anti histamine s definately help a bit but it seems like things just function or clear the same anymore and my swallow has altered somehow. I only get intermittent pain, like a neuralgia in the side of my nose but deep in my head if that makes sense, it’s fleeting and my daily 25mg of pregabalin seems to keep it down. Have tried all the decongestants and nasal rinses to no avail ( tbh am not that congested most of the time) it’s the altered sensation and function that is getting me down and scaring me, don’t know whether it is damage or a rey long relapse. Don’t really have big relapses, seem to have frequent little sensory blips only, not sure if I’m still rrms or not. Not on any meds and never had steroids.


i think they are seperate things.

ms has caused me ‘nose sensation’ problems and also ear issues i know they are ms related-there are no physical probs to be seen.

dunno if that helps u or not tho!

hope u find relief and get more replies!


I agree with Ellie they are separate.

Although I have both, I’ve never considered them part of the same problem. My sniffling, coughing, and catarrh also worsen with anxiety - this is a known phenomenon - similar to needing the loo more.

However, I’m sure anxiety isn’t the root cause - it just makes an ever-present problem worse. I can’t even walk as far as the street corner without needing a tissue; I can never, ever leave the house without one, otherwise I’d be (sorry!) wiping snot on the back of my sleeve!

I can also never eat anything - and I do mean anything - without my nose starting to run. I don’t think it’s even possible to be allergic to literally everything, so it seems to be the mere act of eating, rather than whatever it is I’m eating, that serves as the trigger. I used to think maybe it was only hot foot, and it was the temperature causing it, but it happens just as much if it’s a sandwich, salad, piece of cake - anything.

Really hate it on the increasingly rare occasions I’m dressed up to dine somewhere smart, as it kills any attempt at glamour, if, halfway through dinner, you’re snivelling into your hanky.

I guess it has got worse over the years (my throat always looks like a disaster area these days), but I think it’s also the case that, since becoming ill, I have decreased tolerance of other “minor” health problems I used to put up with. It just seems like the straw that broke the camel’s back, some days. I think: “Oh, isn’t it bad enough having MS, without sniffling and coughing all the time at nothing, too?” If I’m in a large room where ONE person lights a cigarette, my nose blocks instantly. So the reduced public acceptance of smoking has been something of a godsend, for me, but doesn’t help the similar reaction to eating anything. :frowning:



Hi Wanderer - I am always using nasal inhalers/ vick etc to alleviate catarrh, just try to keep on top of it - I did read somewhere that MS can increase these symptoms but don’t know exactly, if that’s true…but have seen it mentioned many times by MSers

Hi Just come across this post and I have exactly te same problems. Been to ent today and all they say is to keep washing out my sinuses. He said I was too stressed and stress aggravates it. Asked if it was ms - no Sent away This s one of my worst symptoms, hope yours is getting better X

Just the same really , probably with me for good, only treatment available is nasal spray and wash outs. Neither do much good but it’s worse without the spray. Just comes and goes but never completely, worst with anxiety so answer for me is use spray every day and control anxiety as best I can.

i had a my sinuses washed out in 1982 and i will always have the feeling that something went wrong with the operation and may have casued the possibility I have MS and the hopsital is covering it up. the pain in the roof of my mouth which is not sinus pain but is close to the nasel openings i know it sounds rather odd.