Nose and throat problem

Hi all, am hoping for some advice about a problem have had for ages. Am awaiting ent appt, my gp has recently referred me. Have had sinus probs fors years on n off but last couple years seem to have increasing discomfort of post nasal catarrh , it’s constant and can feel it hanging about in my throat. Sometimes causes altered sensations when swallowing and scary thinking I may have a swallowing difficulty devoting. Worse when am anxious and as I’ve developed an anxiety disorder along with ms it really increases my problems ++. Is this a symptom of ms, is it part of a lengthy relapse, is it my anxiety, what can I do to help myself. Have no other symptoms ongoing except for fatigue and morning muscle spasms/ stiffness. Have tried all sprays decogestants irritations and got nowhere. It’s really getting me down. Any advice most welcome. Wanda

Hi Wanda,

Although I can’t tell you it’s def. not MS, I’ve suffered this all my life - since way before MS was even hinted at - but have never thought the two things were connected.

I can never tell whether I have a cold or not, since I have cold symptoms pretty much all the time. I can’t go anywhere without a supply of tissues - not even as far as the post box round the corner - because I know I can’t get there and back without my nose running.

I also can’t eat a meal without my nose running. I’m not just talking spicy foods, that make most people’s noses run, or things I’m allergic to. I mean eating anything at all.

Anxiety can indeed make it worse, because your body tends to produce more histamines, and these can cause inflammation of the nasal passages (no coincidence that hayfever and allergies are treated with anti-histamines).

Other members of my family are also like this, in varying degrees, but the rest of them don’t have MS, so I think it’s probably largely a genetic thing - just something I am prone to.

I don’t actually believe it has got worse since my MS diagnosis, but I DO think it’s getting me down more. Probably because when you don’t feel well already, it’s just one more thing to put up with. When I felt well in myself, having a sniffle and a bit of a tickly throat all the time didn’t seem a big deal, but now it adds to the overall impression that nothing quite works properly! I’ve found I have less tolerance for minor ailments - even those I’ve lived with since childhood.

I’m sorry none of this is an answer. Please let me know if you find anything that fixes it.

I suspect I should have had my tonsils and/or adenoids out years ago, but having got to 46 without having it done, I probably won’t volunteer now, unless things get a lot worse…



Hi Wanda,

This is probably not helpful at all but…

a relative of mine had simular probs and when investigated by ENT it was found to be a polyp in the sinus. He had it removed with a simple procedure.

Could it be something like this?


hi anitra

i did have my tonsils out in 95,as id always suffered badly with tonsilitas since i was 5 or 6(id had mumps,both sides of my neck,and had alot of touble swallowing liquids,let alone anything else!),and id been having probs(def the MS,id got glandular fever,and never got better,got my MS out and angry.(i wasnt aware i had it,tho was diagnosed with ME,i was ignored wen i tried to tell them…but thats another srory,lol) i was 20 when i had them out.

im having similar probs. constantly bunged up,runny,but cant blow,lol. im having probs swallowing(food,tablets) and have to touch my throat wen i cough as i cant clear my throat. i suffered bad ear infections and ended up with vertigo,was realli ill. couldnt tell up from down,was constantly sick.

i dont know if its MS,hayfever(oand rhinatitas). ??