Don't know which is worst

You may have read on a previous post “numb numb numb” grrr it’s spread even more, I now feel like I’ve something stuck in my back passage (I haven’t by the way) I’ve also been suffering with toothache & my dentist is on holls this week (he’s the only one at the practice I use) the receptionist did say if it gets any worse she’d get me an emergency appt with another practice. The thing is it’s a small hole under my gold filling & my dentist has treated it before without damaging it, my fear of going to another is them pulling it, and I really don’t want that. My current dentist is also very sympathetic and knows how much I fear having the injection (this is the feeling I had when I first started with MS symptoms. I’m trying to ride it out with paracetomol until he’s back on Monday, does anyone know of any over the counter meds I could use?? Thanks Sue x

Hi sue, I always find Soluble Solpedine best for toothache if you swill it around the tooth before swallowing it it seems to help it work quicker. Hope it eases up soon and you manage to get through the weekend to see the dentist on Monday


Hi Sue I’ve never tried it but have heard that oil of cloves, available from the pharmacy, dabbed on, is very good for toothache.

Cocodamol :slight_smile: xx

try bonjela, i tried it before and it works within seconds, failing that get the strongest painkiller you can from the chemist, try i think its called paramol

hi sue,

i haven’t got any other suggestions for you as the others have already said what i would have said. i just wanted to say sorry to hear you are suffering and hope one of the above solves your problem until monday.



Finally got some relief for the tooth, my daughter rang to see if I needed anything getting before she comes home fro her b/f. Clove oil is a winner, just hope I can hold out until Monday! Just need the bung that I feel in the nether regions to be sorted now, but somehow think there is no relief for that :frowning: lol Thanks everyone xx