My feeth at the tunt are now sorted!

Hiya all

Who understood the title then?!

Please, please, please those with speech problems do not be upset. I have had issues for several months now but in recent weeks its got worse! I did cry initially-folk think you are daft when you cant speak correctly. I write this post just to share how I have coped with this sensitive issue-I know that we will find our own way-if this helps one person then I am happy…

Due to very weak hands/arms I have been using my teeth for jobs that I know I shouldnt have-hindsight is a wonderful thing eh?! So as a result I have chipped my 2 front teeth-my dentist has made then all smooth and look great again today-and a reminder NOT to use teeth in this way!

Whilst telling (and grinning!) at someone telling then re this morning, this is what my mouth said-My feeth at the tunt are now all sorted! *giggle.

Yesterdays gem was to my son-Isnt it great that most of the fotholes have been pixed?!

I have just purchased a notebook to note these-Ellies Decoder.!

Humour is how I deal with stuff best-once the intial distressing realization has settled.

One of last weeks was-I fancy eighcokes and cheese for breakfast! (I meant oatcakes!)

Any others that folk are willing to share?

Take care all, life is what we make it eh?!

Ellie x

Hi, yeh, I often end up laffing at my own mistakes/problems.

Sometimes laughter surely is the best medicine, eh?

I often use my teeth to get into things, when my hands fail me.

luv Pollx


I accused a sparrowhawk of killing a penguin in our garden a while back.

Didn’t know we lived in the antarctic!

Great idea to keep a record. I know I have made some absolute doozies, but my memory sucks so I can’t remember them!

Karen x

I say things like ‘the car wont go into the house’, instead of garage, or nice fit of flish. Its usually getting all the words mixed up, and sometimes making them up as I go along. Not half as funny as yours though, but son does give me that look every now and then as if to say, what the heck is she trying to say now!

Ive been laughing at your feeth. Bet your chuffed theyre all sorted now, please keep sending us your humourous sayings, I love em. Oh and no more biting anyone’s bum with your feeth!!!

Luv bren


What a star! If you can laugh with yourself then we winnin!!! xx


Todays gem! This one is due to my friend mishearing-not me mistalking!

I was talking re stress induced asthma…

I could see her brain was churning, after approx 2 mins she stopped me and said she didnt see the connection. What connection? The one between stress and juice!

We were both in tears and couldnt talk for ages!

Ellie x


This week I tried to buy a train ticket.

The guy said, I am really sorry but I dont know what you are saying. To which I replied, dont worry cos neither do I!

10 mins later I had the ticket I wanted. During which time I had managed to tell him how folk think I am stupid cos I cant get the words out or get them all muddled. He said that he knew I wasnt stupid (living in rural area has its advantages) and I could stay at station as I brightened up his day. There are some good folk around…

Ellie x (who is still in goonie and wonderes if she should bother getting dressed today!)

you have really made my day knowing that speech probs are part of having ms, now i can ignore my mum when she tells me its not, its a really good idea to write our funny things down, i think im going to be doing that from now on but only after it wears off, as when i try to write when my speech goes wonky i tend to write from left to right but backwards and that lasts till a couple of hrs afterwards, mind you it’ll be funy tho


Am glad you are reassured

Thats one reason I have kids-they know ‘my book’ is in my bag! As I said, its not funny to start with BUT we have to find a way of coping havent we?

Take care or should that be Cake tare?!

Ellie x

Bells you are so wise & correct, what a wonderful person & friend you are…I mess up sometimes, but it’s not always the MS, sometimes it’s just me being me…daft as a brush!

We really need to meet up, Robert & I need a Bellsie hug. I was telling a friend of mine about you today, I told her what your like & I reckon we would all get on really well together, she is as mad as I am.



Hiya Dafty

I am not in a good place right now-physically. But my lovely neighbour (the one you met) has just taken me out to get a few things from the shop. Its a darned nuiscance not being able to drive-in fact, I find that more annoying that not being able to palk troperly!

We will meet soon-after I am over this wee blip.

Ellie x