Funny new symptom :D

Yesterday, while picking up a few bits in Morrisons and hanging on to the shopping trolley, I noticed that my left foot was sticking to the floor. Hang on, I thought, this is a new one, haven’t had that before.

I checked my shoe …and found I’d trodden in some disgusting chewing gum and it was stuck to the bottom of my shoe! It’s a good job I didn’t rush off to my GP with this strange new symptom, I’d have looked like a right idiot. Mind you, even my GP could have solved that one, ha ha! (Actually so did I - I scraped it off on the kerb outside. Well, I didn’t want to tread it into my car!)

I just had to share this. It often gets mentioned - don’t put everything down to MS! .


Is that a sort of foot and mouth?

Wb x

ps What flavour was it?

Eugh, yuk, Wb

Next time, I’ll send it to you and you can check the flavour ;o)

T x

That made me chuckle

could have been worse…could have been dog poo!! Bet wb wouldn’t like to try that one! Teresa.x

Yes,you’re right and as it’s tea time,“Enough already”

Wb x

If it was squirrel poo I could have passed it off as a Topic bar

Tracey x