Damn it!!!

Ok, so long weekend and tired but thought, as it’s so cold, I’d make hubby home made pea and ham soup for him coming home after very early shift. Where the hell is my brain today!!! Gotta laugh. First couldn’t get a grip on the stock pan and dropped it on my foot. Then, couldn’t peel the onion so wasted loads by peeling it lke an apple, with a knife. Dropped too many herbs in it but apart from that it started to bubble and smell quite yummy. Out I pop to the rubbish bin. Fall over coz my leg is not so good today, drop the rubbish all over the patio, scrabble around on hands and knees picking it up. Keep dropping it and it’s too cold outside, so decide to leave it til later. Get back in house and laugh like a loon at the absurdity of myself. An hour later. Go to blend soup, forgetting not to switch stick blender on until it’s in and whoosh all over me and kitchen. Go upstairs to change and fall over top step. Bang knee but it’s ok coz I can’t really feel much anyway. Back downstairs to finish soup and instead of putting a splash of cream in, I pour a whole tub of creme pattiserie in. So in summary…lithe kitchen looks like a pea factory has exploded, the patio is strewn with rubbish and the soup tastes bizarrely sweet. Hubby home in 10 minutes. And my foot hurts. Hee Hee Hee!!! Good job my sense of humour remains. Hope hubbies is too!!!

Mrs H I think I might just love you a little bit, that just so sounds like one of my normal days, it’s good to know I’m not the only one. I think hubby should take you out somewhere nice for dinner just because. Thank you for putting a smile on my face.

(((hugs))) x

Sorry, but LOL!!!

Some (((hugs))) too though - sounds like you might need them!

Karen x

I can relate to this when I’ve had my worser moments : Dropped all my pasta down the sink as my arm was weak, almost poured a kettle of water on myself (not so funny at the time). You have to try and laugh about these things I guess otherwise the alternative is too depressing. Glad you’re keeping positive and upbeat - hope your hubby liked the soup :wink:



The soup…and the face that accompanied it…went down a treat. I decided not to tell him til after it was eaten…I thought it was tasty…hubby said it had a “distinctive” taste!!! LOL…tomorrow it’s Heinz for lunch…playing it safe. However tea might be a whole other story!! Fun times. Laughter is the best coping strategy.

It was very funny but I hope you’re OK. Falls can leave you battered and bruised but very shocked. Heinz sounds like a good plan from now on… Teresa xx

You know you can buy perfectly good pea soup in tins and packets.

better not try the former or you could do yourself some harm with a tin opener. Hope the packs dont need scissors to open `em!

luv Pollx

Something to make you smile Mrs H,

just got back from an all inclusive holiday with hubby and catching up with the posts whilst I have been away…

wanted to share something with you that made my husband and I giggle. I could not stay awake in the evening, so my husband bless him would bring a couple of barcadi and cokes with him to our room in the plastic glass’s the hotel provided and he would catch up with the news on Sky news(this was the only english channel we had). As for me, I would go to sleep. One morning I carried the part empty plastic glass,s down in the lift where we where joined by a young couple dressed up for the day and yes my hand decided to let go of them and the plastic glass bounced on the floor of the lift with the left over bacardi and coke spraying up the trousers of the young man, he was not a happy bunny. Loved it when my finger decided to click another 0 on the cash machine, so I nearly took 300 euro;s instead of 30. Thank heavens we have a sense of humour!

Hee hee!! A sense of humour is invaluable…especially for other people…the world would be a much calmer, happier place if people laughed more.

I have to admit that your post made both me and my husband laugh, but mostly because it sounds like me!

And how much does it hurt, when you stick a mascara wand in your stupid eye…my hand is a bit dodgy this morning and it’s taken me til now to get my act together. Really, really wish I hadn’t bothered. Have had to open the bedroom window to let the blue air out!!! Note to self…LEAVE IT WELL ALONE. Like, from, now.

Thanks, that was funny. Maybe we should all have a good hearty laugh each day at 12 just to make us all feel better. :slight_smile: