I am so stupid

Feeling a bit better today so I know I will clean out the kitchen cupboards. Was ok until I decided I only feel a bit dizzy so I will be fine doing the top cupboards. In case any of you don’t know dizziness and standing on dining chairs do not mix! Got a huge bruise on my shin and really hurt my wrist and shoulder. On the plus side though I grabbed the shelf as I started to fall so it’s definitely empty lol. Off to give myself a good talking too!

Nikkinakkinoo - so easy to think we can do more than we can - easy done- but take care . Also you made me laugh - ha ha ha at your cupboard emptying technique!!! Hugs Min xx

nikkinakkinoo oh I’m sorry to giggle at your expense, drastic way to clear the shelf! are you in limbo land? I am and I’m finding I push my self just to see if I really am as bad as I think. yesterday I had hospital apt and as my hubby has been taking me to hospital a lot I thought I can do this I can go alone this is how it went… entrance to hospital has huge revolving doors (my eyes can’t follow anything that is moving!) nearly kill myself on that, get in to hospital and look at corridor full of fast moving people take big breath focus on end of corridor… crash oops fallen in to row of chairs! sometimes I want tshirt that says I’m not drunk my consultant thinks I have ms! take care and pick a easy job tomorrow lol xxxx

Hi nikkinakkinoo

I can relate to over doing or not realising the limitaions of your body. I love dance and started argentine tango which I’ve always really wanted to do this year. It’s not that physical that you break a sweat but regardless I was knackered at the end and my arm arm and leg would feel weak I’d be in pain and I was having to drag myself up the escalators on the way home cliniging onto the bannisters as I felt I might fall. I’ve now opted to do belly dancing which is less intense but still can’t do it on a bad day.

It takes time too understand our body with the illness we have and also time to deal with the thought we might never be able to do things like we used to maybe a year back. But I’ve learnt I can be upset about what I can’t do but just have to focus on what I can do.

Hope you haven’t hurt yourself too badly.



Well now the shelves are empty guess what my job is tomorrow. I might try to abseil from the ceiling like the sas do! I am still in limbo and I am exactly the same coco I just seem to stagger around causing one disaster after another!

I’m ok thanks reemz it’s more my pride that hurts. My main exercise is taking my dogs out which is great because I go with a friend and we walk at whatever speed I can manage. Belly dancing sounds great but after 3 kids and too many chips I would worry about suffocating someone with my belly lol

ARGH! Beware the danger of dining chairs!!!

I was taking down Christmas cards, strung above a doorway…

Dizzy spell, foot caught in arm of chair as it went over, head smacked against wall, blood everywhere, A&E, xray and superglue… nice 2+ inch scar on the back of my head!


I have to confess that I still do foolish things like that from time to time, but I always make sure to use a chair without arms!

Karen x

I don’t know what it is, but we do seem to do some silly things when we think we are feeling a little better, don’t we, eh?

I remember at the beginning of my attack a couple of months back, I decided that as I wasn’t too bad I would get something done. I decided to trim the hedge out front with the electric hedge trimmers and proceeded to electricute myself! The ex had botched up the trimmer lead when he cut through it and didn’t do a very good job. It came apart and touched my arm. It felt like a snake bite with seeringly hot teeth! I phoned him and in his guilt he took me to A&E quickly. I had a heart monitor and luckily for me the electricity didn’t pass through my heart or brain!

Just two ‘puncture’ wounds where the two wires had ‘bitten’ me. Well, the pins and needles feeling in my left side was definitely worse after that! …especially as it was my left arm that got the hit.

Hedge is looking nice though! lol

omg midnightmoon you are on dangerous chick!! leave the electric toys alone, did make me laugh though which is good as finding it hard to maintain positive thoughts myself this week! I think after a glass of wine we would all have quite a laugh!

Omg moonie! At least it’s a good excuse not to do the garden. I feel really sore today and my left leg is totally in spasm and my foot feels like its in a bucket of ice. Coco if we are this dangerous sober could you imagine us with a glass of wine inside us! Maybe we should go to the wacky warehouse for softer landings lol

Jeez you guys make me laugh! First Jen this morning and now all of you! Well they do say laughter is the best medecine… so when’s my next dose!

My partner says for a little woman I’m a bit like an elephant walking around at the mo. Yesterday I was a bi8t all over the place after my belly dancing (the more I do or the more tired I am the worse I’ll be after exercise). I was speaking to one of the girls in the class and I bumped into three things and almost went flying on my way back to the changing room. Yes now you’re thinking what the hell is your belly dancing like if you’re walking around like this - probably not that great but at least I’m keeping fit and I enjoy - I have to laugh at myself :wink:

nikkinakkinoo can I call u nik I keep forgetting how to spell your user name then I have to scroll up and down several times cus keep forgetting! yes wacky warehouse probably better idea!

Yes nik is fine I can’t remember how to spell it half the time.

Hehe, I am Dangerous Brian! The ex always used to say I needed one of those special padded helmets. I am awlays walking into door frames and hitting my head on cupboard doors or the corners. I have cut my head many times and had big lumps come up. When I was a kid, I walked into a lamppost and gave myself a black eye…I kid you not! lol what a numpty.

Am always falling over and dropping my handweights in jazzercise and zumba too. I give everyone a chuckle anyway. I don’t mind being the class clown :smiley: