Urgent review/admission

So saw my GP this afternoon as things are getting worse. She wanted to admit me but not much point tonight as wouldn’t be much done. So they’ve sent a fax to the neurologist asking for urgent review. I’ve to ring them mid morning and if they are unable to see me in the next few days then I have to be admitted for urgent review. In a way it’s a relief in that I will hopefully get some answers. She feels with my history it’s most likely MS x

Fingerd crossed you get seen soon then X

It sounds a scary anxiety evoking time but hopefully you will receive the answers but most of all the treatment you need and deserve!

Good luck and I hope they get in-touch ASAP!

Mandy x

Thanks x

Note to self…don’t have a hot bath at 9pm…struggled to get out of it and then had to get my partner to help me to bed cos both legs were going in different directions and neither would do what I wanted them to! Epic failure!

Oh dear I used to love hot baths now I go all wobbly bob after them and have to lie down. Grrrrrr shaking imaginary bath fist lol

Lol I’m sat in bed propped up with pillows and have pins and needles right down both legs, my right butt cheek and right arm, and left hand. Most disconcerting! I love hot baths!

Pah that’s not much fun at all you can’t enjoy a glass of wine in a shower either can you

No you can’t! It gets a bit watered down lol

So off to hospital I go. Just waiting to hear from the registrar to find out exactly where I’ve got to go. Bag is all packed ready. Hopefully will finally get some answers x

Oh I give up! They’ve changed their mind and now want me to go in at 9.30am tomorrow x

Just go and camp there !

Lol very tempting. Will be there first thing tomorrow with my bag x

Best of luck for tomorrow. Hope you get some answers1! Keep us posted!!

How long do you expect to be an inpatient?


I’ve no idea. Don’t even know for sure if they’re going to admit me now. Hate the uncertainty x

Good luck Kit!! xxxx

Good luck. Hope they take you in today and get it sorted x

Good luck today xxx

Good luck, take care

Good luck, take care