Being admitted

So after this mornings urine retention saga and an appalling neuro exam showing just how much things have deteriorated, followed by sitting in neuro outpatient department all day… I am now being admitted for urgent MRI and physio input. I’m exhausted and hungry and I just want to get my bed so I can sleep. Waiting to find out what ward I’m going to be on x

Sounds like it’s been a nightmare day for you, hope it all leads to some decent answers for you. Take care and get lots of rest.

Laura x

Yeah I can say being catheterised and having 900 mls in my bladder was not a fun experience x

I bet it was a huge relief though hun! :o

I hope they get you sorted out now and you get some food and a nice sleep

Lyn x

Yeah it certainly was a relief! Just waiting for a porter to take me up to the ward x

((((BIG HUGS)))) hun, glad it’s being sorted. Hope it’s a positive outcome and that you will know what is going on with you. Relax as much as you can and keep us posted xxxxx

Thanks guys. Just got to the ward. Dinner is at 6 thank goodness x

oh, good luck you xx

At least with them bringing it round, you won’t forget to eat! :slight_smile: Enjoy xx

Lol true! X

Hey so found a perk of working for the NHS…free tv in hospital lol x

Even better :slight_smile: Hope you are going to make the most of not having to do anything xx

I certainly am. They want to scan my bladder again cos I’m not able to fully empty my bladder x

That’s good news. Sounds like someone is starting to take note at last. Have a good night’s sleep xx

Yeah seems like they’re finally realising I’m not just making it up for the fun of it! X

Awful day for you but yay for free tv! Take care X

Urine retention is plain torture. You desperately need to pee but can only do tiny trickles x

So my mum text me this morning to say everyone thinks its all in my head and that it can’t be ms cos I went downhill so quickly. Just what you need when you’re in hospital and struggling to walk and heading for another catheterisation. Got my MRI at 11. Feeling so low this morning :frowning:

I cannot believe that even with you in hospital they are still saying that. I would just ignore any texts from her at the moment. You can do without that negativity at the moment. Just remember there are plenty of us on here that are all suffering strange things with no explanation. It cannot be all in all of our minds. Really hope they find something and maybe that will keep them quiet. It will also help you process what has been going on. Good luck for the MRI hun xx

Thanks Sharon. Going down in a minute. Hate mris. I’m claustrophobic which is really unhelpful x