Urgent review/admission

Good luck, take care

So I’m back home. Frustrated beyond belief. He doesn’t feel I’m sick enough to be in hospital. Said my neuro exam isn’t that bad. I’ve to have an MRI in ‘a few weeks’ and just rest as much as possible until I ‘feel better’. He said it could still be MS but he’s not expecting the MRI to show anything as according to him I don’t have any ‘hard signs’ of MS. I mean what the hell is that even supposed to mean?! Quite honestly I’ve come home feeling like everyone thinks its all in my head and I should just push myself through it and man up. When he got me to stand with my eyes closed I fell over! Yet my neuro exam isn’t that bad? Urgh I give up :frowning:

So you have a positive rombergs but your neuro isn’t that bad? ! How frustrating for you. Sending hugs

What’s rombergs? X

Oh no. So frustrating. Really hoped you would get a little further forward. ((((HUGS)))) x

The falling over with eyes shut test kit

Thanks guys. I’ll be honest, I was hoping to get a little further too. Keep getting all teary and I think when my partner gets home there will probably be lots of tears. Going to try to catch a nap while little man is at preschool x

Sorry lovely. I know how frustrating it is :frowning: I hope the MRI is soon xxx

Thanks Kaz. I have a horrid feeling I’m brewing another migraine. My neck aches from where I fell x

Aww :frowning: Try and get some rest xx

Didn’t manage to sleep but drifted in and out for an hour. Going to get an early night tonight I think x