What do you think is wrong with you? x

Eww!! I just made myself laugh out loud! I think I’m having one of those “Hysteria Hours”!

All I can think about at the moment is my neuro appointment next week!

I’ve got my list ready - squeezed into (just over) A4 - chronological order!

I have my best cotton M&S undies (demure & conservative) and my shocking pink piglet socks (just to show a little rebellion!!) - all washed & ready!

I’ve done my toenails - matching pink - just in case he makes me remove the piglet socks as they could be a distraction!

I have no need to shave my legs because for some reason they have gone completely BALD!!??!!!

I’m planning all my answers to any questions that may come up - that’s what’s made be laugh out loud!

From reading everyone else’s posts I believe he is likely to ask “What do you think is wrong with you?”

And I’ve decided I’m going to answer:

“Well Mr Neuro - you have probably guessed - lik emany others before me - that I have googled all my symptoms and have come up with an obvious answer? So …I just want you to rule out BUBONIC PLAGUE!!!”

WAAAA HAAAAAAAAA HAAAAA!!! See how he reacts to that!!!

Hi Kizzydane

Thank you so much for your post - I’m having a lousy day (170+ stumbles), lecturing, tired and got soaking wet so your post really cheered me up after a horrid day.

Good luck for your neuro appointment - keep us posted on how it goes.

All the best


Thank you Patricksmate x I’m glad I cheered you up a bit! xxxjenxx

Good luck Jen, some neuros do care. Mine, the 2nd I’d fab! Chis

Yes! Too true! Sometimes you have to laugh or you just break down & cry!!

It’s an interesting subject though - it must be so ‘threatening’ to the medical profession that access to all this information is so easily available these days x and so much of it is in ‘layman’s terms’ too!

Years ago it would have been a visit to the local library to plough through a load of reference books full of big worded ‘latinisms’ that nobody could possibly pronounce or understand anyway!! Or one of those old red home medical encyclopedias my Mam used to have - with the yucky pictures in!!

They say a liitle knowledge is a dangerous thing and one of the biggest negatives would be that people get unecessarily scared

But on the other hand people are much more knowledgeable now so the ‘docs’ can’t pull the wool over the eyes so much!! Lol

I wonder if there is any research going on into the effects of it xxxjenxx

Hi Jen What I’m interested in is how do I get bald legs so I don’t have to shave them again because whatever I do I always cut them and make them bleed? Teresa xx

do you have to strip down to your pants??? I’ve got my first appoinment next week, i hope not

mel xx

Waa haa Teresa!!

I have no idea what the heck is going on with my legs!!

There are just 3 really pathetic looking hairs left - just above my right ankle!!!

No need to shave them any more - I just pluck them!!!


If you work out what you’ve done to get this briiiiillllllliant side benefit, please let me know!

No need for the matching underwear btw - the only thing you should have to take off is your socks (good move on the toenails ;-))!

Good luck!!!

Karen x

Hahahaha, thank you that made me laugh.

I too went to the trouble of shaving my legs (and pits for some reason lol) i carefuly painted my toe nails and scrubbed and creamed my feet until they were lovely and smooth, it all took me ages and i was exhausted after. When i got home after my app with the neuro i said to my husband “that bloody man didnt even ask me to take my socks off”, i had done it all for nothing, oh well at least i felt good in myself and had a good laugh afterwards.

Good luck with you appoitment next week kizzydane.

I think I would reply with “Well you tell me your the neuro” !!!

On the subject of shaving legs, before I went into hospital to have my daughter I decided to shave mine but got a bit confused. When I got to the hospital I realised I had only shaved one

Just got back from my conference/break a few days ago and this post really made me laugh. I painted my toe nails etc too and made sure I wore some conservative undies in case he ngot me moving or hoping - didn’t want my butt hanging out.

It was a good experience prepping though as when I carted myself to the osteopath it is nothing but your underwear!

Hope your appointment went well jen