First nuro appointment at 2pm today. Nervous!

I have my first nuro appointment today at 2pm. I’m nervous! Worried! Scared! And all that’s in between. I planned on going alone and managed to keep my appointment a secret until an automated NHS phone reminded ratted me out lol my partner answered the phone and was not too happy with me about keeping it secret! I have it clear in my head what I want to tell the doctor but I’m sure ill forget all that when I get in there. Lol This is going to sound so wired but I’m scared the doc will find something, but I’m also scared he won’t! If he can’t find anything then what the hell is going on with me??? A very strange mix of emotions today, it’s my birthday too. The big 30!

Wow Emma… happy birthday!

What a thing to have to do on your birthday!

Your feelings are perfectly natural, both the nerves and hoping that they will / won’t find anything wrong. Just take it one step at a time… nothing will be dx today.

Write a list of now of your most persistant and worrying symptoms and any questions you have… that way you won’t forget (and don’t forget to take the list… lol… that has happened to me!!!)

Remember the neuro see’s new people every day of the week… so it’s a new experience for you but not for him/her.

Today they will go through loads of stuff with you… history etc. Will look in your eyes and give you a physical examination… but nothing invasive or painful. Just looking at muscles, reflexes etc.

They will then telll you if they want to do more tests… possibly MRI… but that won’t be done today.

Good luck hon. I know how scary it is but you will probably feel less scared once you are talking to the neuro. It’s all very routine and nothing will happen that’s scary.

PatB x (oh and I hope you are doing something later to celebrate the big 30!!!)

Happy Birthday! Good luck today Emma - try not to worry! Please make a note of your main symptoms, otherwise you will forget something! Don’t write down every small thing as you probably won’t have enough time! Do not hand over your list but read it out. A neuro would probably not read it properly but just glance at it. Hopefully, you will get a decent doc who will listen and make a plan about what to do next. Take care - let us know how it goes. Teresa xx

Hi Emma Nothing useful to add but…hope it goes well for you and… HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! Xxxx

How did it go?

Karen x

Happy B day !

Hi Emma

Hope it all went well…and Happy Bithday.

Pam x

Hi Emma, Happy Birthday I thought turning 30 was scary. Hope you got on ok today. I totally get what you mean about being scared you have/haven’t got something,none of us want anything to be wrong but you do want some answers as to what is going on with your body,hopefully you might have had some questions answered.

Nat x

Hope it went well

Hope all went ok today and happy birthday too :slight_smile:

How did it go ???

Sorry for not responding sooner! I’ve been feeling horrible ever since the appointment and kids have been poorly etc :frowning: Well the doctor started by telling me not to worry … Here’s here to help which was very reassuring. It’s just a pity his kind and caring attitude didn’t last! Oh my goodness it was awful :((((( he tested my reflexes and did a few other things with my feet and asked to to walk in a straight line etc. all the time he was telling me that feeling tired is normal, going dizzy at my age is normal, pooing yourself at my age is normal! After an examination he asked me if I had any other concerns and I mentioned how mine and my partners sex life was now non existent ( my fault not his!) and he calmly asked Gary to leave the room, which he did. Then the doc actually turned to me and said " you know what happens to woman who don’t give their husbands sex don’t you?" I just looked at hima nd said what! Then he continued " they go off and have affairs with other woman" I was stunned! He was so horrible and made me feel like I was wasting his time. After stunning me into silence he said he would send me for an MRI scan as a matter of precaution but he believed that I was simply willing myself to be ill. Me and Gary got outside the hospital and Gary said see! Your all ok, do you feel better now? I burst out crying in the street and haven’t really stopped since. If I wasn’t depressed before I’m certainly not feeling too good now. I’m still struggling with all the same symptoms On a daily basis. I don’t want to be or feel ill. Why would I! I’ve got kids to run after and work and … Well life! He mademe feel like a looney . I don’t want to go back for the MRI X

Hi Emma, Your neuro sounds utterly appalling - some of them appear barely human! He had no right saying to you what he did about your husband having an affair! What a pig! I understand how you feel but you still want to try to find out what is wrong so keep your MRI appointment. Keep your chin up and try not to let him get you down. Unfortunately so many people have horror stories to relate about their neuros. Some of them don’t deserve to practise at all. I hope you make some progress with the MRI! Teresa xx

Oh Emma. I have a few choice words to say right now but the post would not get past the moderators! No wonder you are so upset. What a horrible man. He had absolutely no right to say what he did. Maybe he is not getting it at home and is taking it out on you rather than looking at himself at fault. After all, if you were his wife, would you want to (ahem) with a pompous, arrogant git! Please don’t let him make you sad. He is so not worth it. ((((((((((((mahoosive hugs)))))))))))) Angela. X x ps. Try to imagine him standing at the foot of his marital bed in his vest , y fronts and sock surrenders begging his wife for some. Lol!

Hi Emma Completely empathise…my first neuro was horrid too. I asked for a re referral and had a completely different experience with a lovely man who made me feel that he is on my side. These people should not be allowed to work with patients and should be locked away in a lab somewhere, where they can’t destroy patients hope. Bed side manners should be an obligatory part of their medical qualification. I remember all too well how I was made to feel…so sending you hugs. Xx

Oh Emma how awful for you. I wonder if he’s related to my GP. He has no tight to speak to you like that. Please have your MRI and then ask to see someone else. You may not see him again anyway. It’s not unusual to see another doctor at the next appointment as they work as part of a team, and if that is the case, mention his comments, you won’t be the only person he’s upset. I reported a doctor and didn’t have to see him again.

Good Luck

Min x

Emma, I am speechless! I think we should all remind these heartless insensitive neuros that WE pay their salaries, and WE paid for their training. They have no right to talk to patients like that. You didn’t deserve such treatment. Please please please don’t let the b****** get you down.

Wow and in typical TOWIE style OMG, that is horrendous, I think the other comments have said it all, what your going through isnt normal but there could still be loads of things other than MS, so many Gps and Nuros dismiss fatigue as laziness among other things but there are some nice ones, I would see what your MRI says but I would also write a letter of complaint to who ever the department head is, that was outrageous.

He is probably taking his own problems out on you, he may understand the brain but not human emotions.

Try to keep smiling and ignore what he says,

Emma, you really should make a complaint about what he said about your sex life. It’s terrible!!! I suppose there wasn’t anyone else in the room? Huh… no witnesses eh? I’m sure.

Also saying that dizziness and pooing yourself is ‘normal’… I don’t think so!!!

How sympathetic is your GP? I think in your shoes I would go back to GP and ask for a referral to another hospital.

I am furious on your behalf hon. He is a complete idiot and a sexist idiot to boot!

Try not to feel down about it. Keep reminding yourself that he’s an idiot and what he said to you was completely and totally inappropriate!


Pat x

Hello, I am so sorry and utterly disgusted at how you have been treated. He sent your husband out of the room so he could say those things, he is a coward and a bully. Your symptoms are not normal for you, end of. You would like to know what is causing your health to deteriorate, it’s your right to know. The positive out of this? An MRI, please take it, don’t let this horrible experience take that from you. It is hard to find strength when you are already low but next time you feel low, look at your children, feel the love and do it for their mummy. They love you and wouldnt want anyone to get in the way of making mummy better. Sam xx