Leg problems - help, please!

My friend (really! it's not me!) appears to be having a relapse:


- her left leg is the problem

- she thinks it's better when she gets up, but then realises it's no better

- her whole left knee feels numb to the touch

- she has a constant and severe pain in her knee

- the pain appears to be inside the knee

- her thigh and bum and foot seem to be OK

- she can't lift her leg because of stiffness and feels it's her knee that's the problem


Anybody had this? Any opinions as to whether steroids of something else would help, please?


All comments gratefully received. I'm off out for a mo but will be back later.


Lolli xx


Good advice, Mel, thank you - I’ll pass on what you’ve said. I meant to mention that my friend’s phone line’s down so she can’t access t’internet, which is why I’m posting on her behalf. My mobile phone’s never had this much use!

She’s been diagnosed with RRMS for years but has been off DMDs for a while now. We were comparing notes on relapses yesterday - I think part of the problem may be that she’s not had a disabling relapse before and this is, unsurprisingly, scaring her witless

When we first talked about it yesterday (Day 4), I thought it sounded as though the knee pain was possibly a result of having done something without noticing because of MS numbness, etc. One muscle not working quite right can do dreadful things to your gait.

Thanks again for replying.

Lolli xx

Suggest to  your friend that she see the GP. Not everything that goes wrong with us is down to the MS and she might have an actual knee injury.

On the chance it is her knee suggest the standard First Aid for strains and sprains RICE


Hope she is OK


She’s going to start thinking I’ve primed you all to say it may not be all MS LOL!!

Many thanks though - more wise words and good advice. I’m now going to dedicate part of my life to memorising RICE…

Lolli xx

What? You mean some of it might be down to the red wine?!

But, seriously, we’re on about our third repeat of “but I haven’t knocked or twisted my knee…” Followed by “I have to swing my leg from the hip to walk…” Hmm, that could be part of the problem then. I’ve passed on the standard advice about walking slowly and correctly with the aid of two sticks, rather than trying to move speedily and possibly causing damage.

Meantime, she’s still worried witless, natch, but is cheered by her BT line having been finally reconnected (on a Sunday!) so is surfing like mad to find out about which DMDs she could ask for. She might even have time to come on here and see what I’ve been saying about her

Lolli xx

The point that struck me as the odd man out was the pain IN the knee.  It might just be me, but MS pain in my case always feels as though it is on the surface.  I agree with others' suggestion that she needs to get it checked out, though.



Yep, the “pain IN the knee” is why I’ve kept questioning the poor thing on the subject; it sounds like a problem caused by MS rather than being MS itself and what you say about your MS pain seems to support this, so thanks for posting.

Yep again, she’s intending to book to see anyone and everyone she can asap, which hopefully will put her mind at rest. A little less worry is bound to help.

Lolli xx

Hi Lolli

I have a similar problem with my knee and my Neuro thinks it's not necessarily down to the MS. I thought the same a coupke of years ago which was why I originally went to my GP but he appeared convinced it was due to the MS. Well, once we have MS, nothing else can go wrong can it?

All my GP would do was refrer me to a physiotherapist (Yep, treatment before diagnosis), who didn't think she could help me so referred me back. I then said to my GP that I would go through my MS Nurse, who put me on the waiting list for Physio at the Neuro Rehab unit. Eventually, I got to the top of the waiting list but, by now, the pain had got worse and my mobility had become increasingly more difficult.

This is the point where I saw my Neuro and he wrote a letter to my GP recommending I be referred to a Rheumatologist as he thinks it may be arthritis related. I'm still waiting for that appointment and am now using crutches!

So, after all that waffle, could your friend's issues be down to similar? Has Rheumatology been discussed between her and her GP/Neuro?

I can’t comment on relapses because I have been on a plateau for eight years, but the act of lifting the leg comes from the hip and not the knee. Perhaps her dodgy gait is causing additional strain and a physio should be able to advise some correcting exercises.

Mind you, knees are hugely complex and it might not be MS related, but either way a physio can still help.

I hope your leg gets better soon.

Ooh, that’s a very good point, fabs, and I’m fairly certain that such issues haven’t been discussed. There are some muddy waters here, disguising the chicken and the egg! I shall pass this on.

Funnily enough, I was trying to explain precisely this point and, in the absence of physio, was suggesting gentle, repetitive exercises for the abductor / adductor muscles.

Errrr, my leg’s fine, thank you. I’ve not had a disabling relapse for 4 years now, you know.

Lolli xx