legs stopped - is there anything that can help?

Hi there, after several years of being relatively sympton free, it’s all back over the last few months! yesterday, we went to the beach to cool down. All was fine until heading back when my legs stopped working, and it was an absolute nightmare getting back to the car.

I’ve not seen my neuro or MS Nurse as I’ve been fairly ‘benign’ for about 5 years, so have only used my GP. Is there anything that can be prescribed that anyne is aware of that can ease these symptoms? I know it may only be temporary because of the heat, but don’t want it reappearing as I’m walking through the office or something!!

ta :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear you are struggling.

I think it’s probably time to get back in touch with your neuro or MS nurse. Even if it turns out to be temporary its worth getting it on your notes, especially if you are not currently on any DMD’s. A relapse, if indeed this is what it turns out to be, that affects your mobility will count towards your eligibility for DMD’s.

Hope you are feeling better quickly.

i had an episode like that. we were going into manchester to see a band but my left leg stopped working.

we went on the train the station is a 5 minute walk from my house but i drove and left my car at the station.

i found out that if i jab the back of my thigh it makes my leg move forward so thats how i made my way through manchester!

got train back but it went to another station a mile and a half away.

all went back to normal soon after.