cramps in legs

salutations good people, it has been a wee while since I have been on having a look round. I have a question for you wise sages. I have been out and about which was grand but have been having issues with cramping muscles in my legs - not a major issue but makes what walking ability I have pretty silly. Anyone got any ideas, I have been trying to do some streching but this appears not to help a lot.

Cheers folks


hi willie

have read re cramps-just trying to remember what i read! its maybe tonic water? hope someone comes along and clarifies for u.

ellie x

ps excuse the grammar-using one finger-long strory!

I am undx but get these occasionally in the night, mentioned to Doc but i think he thinks i’m an Alien as is

hoping the MS Specialist in 6-8 weeks can help me.

Sonia x

When I had bad cramps a few years back and it was very hot, my MS nurse said that it was probably the hot weather that was causing it, when the weather cooled the cramps went disappeared. I do get painful spasms now but Baclofen helps with this.

Wendy x

I swear by Baclofen



Ditto what Wendy said abut hot weather, and with me also humidity causes unpleasant symptoms esp in my legs.

I practice yoga/pt daily, do some pedaling on a stationary pedalling thing (which is not a bike lol ), and I try to get out daily to walk even if for a short distance. All that seems to help.


I get these in both my legs and feet. I take Baclofen and Tizanidine and they work a treat :slight_smile:

found this Willie-hope u find a solution.

ellie x